Where To Quaff The Best Craft Beers in Bengaluru

If there are 2 things Bengaluru is well-known for, one would have to be its traffic, and two - is its micro-breweries. With the demand for craft beer increasing, Bengaluru has become a hub for these breweries. So, if you’re eager to expand your beer horizons and explore new flavours, read on for our list of the top 10 craft beers in the city of Bengaluru.


Arbor, located in Ashok Nagar, is one of the best bars in the city, with a large variety of beers available, including some of their signature specials. It was established in 1995 and has since become known for its wide variety of high-quality beers that include an Irish stout flavoured with dark chocolate and Turkish coffee, a Pale Ale brewed with Garam Masala, and a neat German Pilsner. Throw in some American pub fare and the music from the '90s, and it easily outshines many of its wealthier competitors. We recommend the India Pale Ale. 


Another Ashok Nagar establishment serving up great Belgian witbier is Shakesbierre, one of the first eateries in all of Bangalore. The walls of Shakesbierre are covered with famous lines from Shakespeare's plays, and the bar's art gallery features stunning portraits of the Bard. 


Communiti, located on Residency Road, serves up delicious Belgian Wheat Beer. You may have a meal and a beer at this brewery, which has both indoor and outdoor seating and is also pet-friendly. Enjoying a craft beer in this relaxing atmosphere with your beloved pet is well worth the admission charge. 


Toit, in Bangalore's lively Indiranagar neighbourhood, has been the city's trendiest watering spot for years. This brewery's rustic interior (exposed brick and wooden floors) and flavorful tropical and citrus artisan brews have earned it a loyal following across India. The best beer in Toit is the Toit Weiss, which you must have if you ever find yourself there. 

Windmills Craftworks

If you're in need of a cozy restaurant in Whitefield, where you and your significant other can enjoy a meal by candlelight while sipping on hand-crafted beers and listening to soothing music, look no further than Windmills Craftworks. Craft brews inspired by classic wheat beers, like the German hefeweizen variety, are a hit with the locals. There are a broad variety of craft beers available, such as the Hefeweizen, Golden Ale, Stout, and a couple of really good IPAs. 

The Biere Club 

Hopheads have been flocking to The Biere Club in Bangalore's Vittal Mallya Road since it first debuted in 2010. Lagers, ales, stouts, wheats, and more may be found here, but the stout with a coffee flavour stands out. 


You've probably already had one of the hallmark craft beers from Geist, one of Bengaluru's original brewers. Having said that, the new location on Old Madras Road adds a second bonus of pleasant atmosphere to the mix, beneath the canopy of a banyan tree. You're in for a beer treat because not only do they serve all of Geist's signatures on tap, but they also serve an IPA (Geist Kamacitra), a Weiss Guy (Geist Weiss Guy) and a German Lager (Geist Lager). You can’t go wrong with any of those. 

XOOX Brewmill 

XOOX Brewmill in Koramangala is a popular destination known for its award-winning beers, creative drinks, and innovative take on modern Indian cuisine. About 8 different beer varieties are available on tap. We recommend the Citrus IPA and the Japanese Blonde Dry Ale (a Japanese-style beer). ]


Over two stories and 14,000 square feet of open-air seating, BierGarten in Koramangala (and now in Whitefield) is a major hit thanks to an atmosphere that's ideal for the city's pleasant climate. There are seven or eight different beers on tap, and the typical German-style Hefeweizen, dark Dunkel, and Amber Lager are all favourites among patrons. 

The Druid Garden 

The Druid Garden is a restaurant in Sahakara Nagar where all ingredients are sourced from the Czech Republic and Germany, and the recipes have been perfected over the years. Six beers have been added to the menu since they launched, including a tasty Basmati Lager, a Bohemian Dunkel, an Indian Pale Ale, and a Czech Pilsner. 

There are several other microbreweries in Bengaluru that serve fantastic craft beers, and picking the best is never easy. So, we’ll list a few more that are great places for a drink or a weekend brunch with friends: 

The Byg Brewski Brewing Company 

This spot in Hennur is another top pick; it is one of the best microbreweries in the city, featuring a garden with a Japanese Koi pond and an outside seating space. All their beers are a hit with customers, but if we had to recommend one it would be the Byg Triple. 


There is a wide variety of house beers available at Prost in Koramangala. Try the Cider Rider, made with Himalayan apples, or the Burnt Stone, flavoured with coffee and chocolate, or the Bangalore Bolt, a wheat beer evocative of the brews found in Germany. 

Vapour Pub And Brewery

A three-story establishment in Indiranagar, is well-known for its basmati beer, one of six on tap, including its Belgian Witbier and Hefeweizen. 

Those looking for new flavours or just looking to try something different must definitely be one or all of these breweries!