When The Royal Kitchens Of Sailana And Kangra Met
Image Credit: The Royal Thali/ Ayandrali Dutta

The Royal kitchens have always been known for their age old recipes which has been passed down generations from time immemorial. And in recent experience in the capital Sailana princess, Shailaja also known as Tikarani Shailaja Katoch of Lambagraon- Kangra took the kitchen at Kheer, Roseate house in association with Royal Fables. For the uninitiated Sailana, a princely state located in Madhya Pradesh is known for it’s age old recipes, cookbook and not to mention the hospitality, in the days of the Raj.

The Royal kitchens of Sailana were known to be experimental grounds for many recipes that we see today. Adding to the same Rani Shailaja says “Raja Digvijay Singhji, my great grandfather, was the first to publish a book that is sees all the recipes that has been precisely jotted down. The book is called “Cooking Delights of the Maharajas. Our estate was and also is renowned and celebrated it’s culinary legacies which to an extent this festival of also sees”. The gastronomical regal spread that the festival saw was an very nice concept to showcase the royal kitchens along with the rich and unique culinary heritage of the country. India.

Rani Shailaja Katoch


The table started with some Kofta Sudarshan- slow braised mutton to the Sailana Macchi kebab, Murg ke soola that was well marinated in Maithania chilli to the Goolar kebab made with spiced fig meaty galettes which was surely the showstopper. Even figs could taste that well, which could leave a meaty kebab to shame.  Rani Shailaja has surely made sure that the culinary legacy is retained and their culinary culture get’s it’s due visibility. 

The festival was a much insight to the Royal recipes that have not changed over the years. Moving to the main course there was Murg Mumtaz mahal (Queen Mumtaz, chicken morsels cooked with rich cashewnut based gravy) , Korma Asharfhi- (slow braised mutton chunks cooked with raisins and caramelize), Macchi Methi  (sole fish seared in fenugreek flavoured ghee and finished with tomato mélange) to the iconic Kangra Palda (vegetables cooked in yougurt based gravy) and not to miss the Himachali Bhaturu and Reshmi murg Biryani. She graciously took us through their tradition and important of ‘Dham’ cuisine, that is the traditional community meal served during festivals in Kangra. As the conversations folded the desserts followed that saw Meethe Chawal, Gulba ke Kheer and Makki ki phirni. 

Wrapped in simplicity, authenticity and flavour the meal was a perfect experience of the Royal flavours from best of both – The Sailana and the Kangra Royal family.