When Shruti Haasan Gorged On Some Bengali Food
Image Credit: Kosha Mangsho- Ayandrali Dutta

A well laid Bengali meal has been favourite for many. This cuisine that sees a variety of dishes both in veg and non-veg happens to be one of the most sought after cuisine in the country. The whole gamut of so-called Bengali cuisine sees a spread that combines both opar bangla and epar bangla which means from both India and Bangladesh. A Bengali meal always sees dishes served in course-wise that too in a specific format. And going by the deliciousness of the cuisines, on Sunday actress Shruti Haasan was seen gorging on some of the delicacies. 

The Tamil-Maharashtrian actress took to Instagram to express her happiness. She was seen drooling over some Jhuri aloo bhaja, Chingri Malai Curry, Kosha mangsho. 

Let’s take a look as to what these dishes are.

Jhuri aloo bhaja-
Aloo bhaja simply translates to potato fries, but this jhuri aloo bhaja is uber special for al Bengali’s. this iconic traditional Bengali crispy potato fry is super delicious and goes best with some masoor dal and rice. This type of aloo bhaja is prepared in most Bengali household in all special occasions like Nababarsha, Durga puja, Bhai Phota and so on.

Chingri Malai Curry

The quintessential prawn curry that’s cooked in coconut milk needs no introduction. The magic of Bengali gota gorom moshla is all one need to elevate the dish. Big size prawns like the golda or bagda chingri are de-shelled and marinated and fried and then slow cooked in coconut milk. This mouthwatering dish with its robust flavours is perfect with a plate of hot steam rice or some sweet pulao.

Kosha Mangho

This dish surely needs no introduction. This spicy Bengali mutton curry that has been slow cooked in the smokey aroma of mustard oil and onion, ginger-garlic paste and spices is surely an orchestra of flavours. The juicy pieces of the meat cooked to perfection almost fall of the bones. This Sunday delight rich and spicy.