When Should You Replace Your Plastic Storage Containers?
Image Credit: Pexels.com

Plastic storage containers are an excellent solution for keeping your leftovers fresh in the fridge. They are lighter, more fragile than glass, and easier to use because they do not break as quickly. But even though these storage containers are easy to use, their use can prove harmful to you after some time. Therefore it is better to replace these containers with time. Let us tell you the signs that suggest that your plastic storage containers should be replaced.

  • Useless for the kitchen: In a hurry, you often buy such storage containers, which are not helpful for your kitchen. For example, if you need large containers to store grains and buy smaller containers, change them immediately without thinking. Or, if you have containers that look bad in texture and are difficult to clean, replace them immediately and bring your favourite containers. 
  • Old receptacles: If you've been using containers that are several years old, it's time to replace them. When food or vegetables are kept in old plastic storage containers, they get spoiled quickly due to the foul smell. Usually, containers older than five years should be replaced. If not, don't use these containers to store any food item.

  • Weird texture: Often, the storage container used in the kitchen melts when kept near the gas or due to hot food. If this happens, then replace it immediately. Any disturbance on the surface means compromise with the material placed in it. It would be best to avoid using such containers to store food items.  
  • Smelly or stained containers: If you've tried your hardest to remove a stain or odour from your plastic container, i.e., you've thoroughly cleaned them, and it still stinks, it's best to replace them. Keeping food in a smelly container will neither be good for your health nor be fresh for a long time. 
  • Broken lid: Lids are essential to the success of your storage container. So if your container's cap or lid breaks or gets lost, it's best to replace it rather than use it. Unfortunately, there is no other option to cover the plastic storage container when the lid breaks.