When Shoot Gets Cancelled, Karisma Kapoor Likes To Binge On This Asian Spread: 3 Recipes Inside
Image Credit: Screengrab of post/Instagram, Karisma Kapoor is happy when she gets to eat Asian food.

Just like the Khans are very popular so are the Kapoors in Bollywood. The large Kapoor family has been dominating the Hindi film industry for years now. From the veteran actors like Raj Kapoor and Randhir Kapoor to the new-age ones like Ranbir Kapoor, we have seen so many of their talents on screen. Karisma Kapoor may not appear in films that often but she has us hooked with her social media. The actress is quite active on Instagram and doesn’t miss out on sharing tid-bits from her day with her followers. She is currently shooting for an upcoming show and her saree look is amazing. 

The actress is also a hard-core foodie like her family. She has shared pictures of her indulgences in the past too. From her tea-time treats which included puffs, muffins and croissants, she also indulged in a delicious-looking French toast this one morning. The mom actor has constantly been in touch with her fans through her stories. Now that her shoot got cancelled suddenly, the foodie Kapoor couldn’t help but give in to her cravings. She shared a glimpse of her Asian spread with us on her Instagram stories and we are loving it. 

Source: Screengrab of Instagram Stories/Karisma Kapoor

This one has the seaweed sheet on the outside and the sushi rice on the inside. The sushi is stuffed with some tuna and eggs. Flavoured with kosher salt, soy sauce and rice vinegar, the maki sushi is a delightful combination.