Friends' Large Pasta Order Goes Viral On Social Media

Everyone loves pasta. This delicious Italian dish is among the most commonly ordered foods in restaurants across many countries. Made with flavourful sauces, they are perfect to relish at any time of the day. It is also an amazing option to enjoy when you are hanging out with friends. But have you ever thought that a pasta order can go viral on the internet? 

Recently, an Australia-based vlogger caught huge attention on social media due to his unusual pasta order. In the viral video, a group of friends, instead of ordering individual or single large portions to be divided, made an order of shared-sized portions. This hilarious confusion gained a lot of views and Barilla, a renowned pasta brand, also reacted to the post. Watch the full video here. 

The reel was posted on Instagram by an account named @brockvalesinii and has gotten more than 50 million views and 2.5 million likes since being posted. The content creator uploaded the video with the caption, "The collective silence after accidentally ordering a share-sized plate of pasta each". In the caption, the content creator wrote, "And not a single one of us questioned why all of our food was about to cost us $213". 

In the video, a group of friends can be seen sitting around a table in a restaurant, trying to finish the large quantity of pasta in front of them. One of the girls in the video seemed to have tears in her eyes while finishing the food in front of her. The comment section of the reel is filled with lots of hilarious reactions and some people found the incident to be relatable.  

One comment that caught everyone’s eye was from pasta brand Barilla, who replied to the video by saying, “This is princess plate size.” Clearing up how the confusion occurred, the vlogger revealed that the group order was made through a QR code menu, so the restaurant’s staff were not able to warn them about the size of the pasta. Hence, this bulk order was made. So, do you also have any such ordering experience?