When In Kashmir: Your Guide To Finding The Best Local Delicacies In The Valley
Image Credit: Pixabay, Although Kashmiri cuisine is meat-intensive, there are vegetarian delicacies to savour too.

Sitting in your house boat on Dal Lake, you might not be able to cherish the Kashmiri hospitality to its core. We suggest that you step out and look around because there are a plethora of regional delicacies that await you. The mesmerizing beauty of the snow-capped mountain range or the frozen lakes is unmatched. It is hard to find such a scenic view amidst the tall sky scrapers and high-rise buildings of the city. Lying in the lap of nature, you get to witness some magical sights that etch a memory in your minds and hearts forever. 

Beyond these eye-catching sceneries lies a delectable fare that waits to be explored. There are so many hidden gems in the Kashmir valley that you will be surprised to find out. Right from their breakfast breads and tea to their meat-intensive curries and street food, there is so much that needs to be unveiled. As it is rightfully said that one experience’s a place through its people and their food, here are some of the best places to experience the authentic flavours of Kashmir. 

1.  Shamyana Restaurant 

Located in the heart of the valley, this is one of the most popular restaurants in Srinagar. Have you heard of the Kashmiri Wazwan? It is a large platter with local delicacies shared by three to four people. If you are in a group, you should definitely order the wazwan. Apart from this, their mutton biryani and mutton curries are delicious too. 

Source: Shamyana Restaurant/Instagram

2.  Ahdoos 

This is a centenary restaurant in Kashmir that is known for its 100-year legacy of serving authentic Kashmiri food to tourists and locals alike. The restaurant is situated inside Ahdoos hotel in Lal Chowk district of Srinagar. With its rustic ambience, the place brims with mutton rogan josh, gushtaba, rista, tabak maaz and a host of traditional Kashmiri mutton delicacies. 

Source: Ahdoos Hotel/Instagram

3.  The Chinar 

Hosted by The Lalit, this restaurant is a must-visit if you want to have a fine-dining experience. With a plethora of cuisines on offer, from North Indian to Asian, they also have a section for ethnic specialties on their menu. Try their Waza chicken, Mutton kanti and Jaffrani paneer and you will be drooling. Overlooking the beautiful mountains, they also have an amazing outdoor seating.

Source: The Chinar Resort/Instagram

4.  Dana Paani 

The vegetarians need not fret because we have something for you too. Although Kashmiri cuisine by nature is very meat-intensive, there are a few vegetarian delicacies that are worth-trying too. This pure vegetarian restaurant in Pahalgam serves one of the best nadru yakhnis that you just cannot miss. 

5.  Dal Lake Promenade 

If you a fan of street food, we suggest that you take a stroll on the Dal Lake promenade and savour things like masal, which is a Kashmiri cross between a bhel and a wrap, filled with cucumber, carrots and sauces in the roti. Another thing to taste on the shikhara is the gushtaba i.e. a meat ball soup with several condiments.