Legendary singer Lata recently passed away at the age of 92. As she will remain immortal through her songs so will ger voice. Not many may knoiw that this Bharat Ratna recipient was also an avid foodie and loved the food that was cooked by sister Asha Bhosle. 

In a quick conversation with our own Delhi Chef Nishant Choubey he said that in an event happened to have cooked for Lata ji. One been quizzed as to whether he was briefed before you were deciding on the meal he says “Not in specific but I was told that there will be many reputed personalities from Bollywood who would be part of the exclusive event , it was no surprise for me to curate the vegetarian menu as it is the trend and it was always , I wanted to  do something out of box and conceptualised serving my menu in a  tasting format”

Nishant who designed a Saatvik plate says “Saatvik is not an easy menu to attempt for ,I picked up holistic nutrition rich saatvik ingredients and spun my menu by giving it an amicable twist , broke up the myth that saatvik is boring and made it very interesting”

Welcome drink at the event- Asthamrit

 Though Lata ji liked spicy seafood dishes due to her Konkani roots, she loved the kebabs that Asha ji cooked for her. But during this event that was held in Pune in 2018 chef further adds “No actually not I was told that there will be lot of bollywood personalities who will be part of it , as my cook out station was in the middle of the event I saw Lata ji walking at around 8:30 pm cladded in simple sari and the sight was so noble and peaceful , I still have the glimpse of the same although I was very busy in serving it to the guests, she had that sweetest smile”. Nishant who had happened to serve her at a pre-wedding function in Pune in 2018 says “It was an all-vegetarian menu, and I curated a special Saatvik menu for her which she loved. She enjoyed Aloo Sabudana Tikki Chaat and Nariayal Makhane ki Kheer and I was delighted when she asked for another helping! The server told me she was praising the food. I will always cherish that moment…it’s a blessing that I could serve her something made by me”.

It nothing new that the whole Mangeshkar family was known for their love of food. But if you ask Nishant one celebrity that you really want to cook for, pat comes the reply “Late Mother Teresa is one that I really want to cook for if she is ever alive , I have the fascination to cook for Rata Tata since he is a foodie and proud Indian, he is humble and extremely down to earth”.