What's The Point Of Bay Leaves? 5 Healthy Facts About Tejpatta

Tejpatta or bay leaves are very popular in many parts of India and are used in the preparation of dishes. Just like curry leaves, tejpatta is also used in the initial process of preparing a tadka for any dish. These leaves are believed to have anti-inflammatory properties and also a high amount of antioxidants. They provide immense immunity to the body and help in lowering low-density lipoprotein cholesterol in the body. Today we will discuss some of the lesser-known facts about Tejpatta that most of you didn't know about. Let's look at these facts.

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* Maintains Glucose Levels In The Body

Tejpatta is believed to be a natural ingredient that can help in maintaining optimum glucose levels in the body. It promotes the secretion of insulin in the body because of its antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Anybody who is suffering from the problem of excessive glucose in the body must try including tejpatta in their diet. It is an Ayurvedic remedy and will not have any side effects on your body. Although, if you are suffering from serious health problems related to glucose levels then it is better to check with a professional healthcare expert regarding the same.

* Good For Heart

A lot of studies have been conducted on the use of tejpatta and it has been found that it can potentially reduce the bad cholesterol levels in the body that is called LDL and also increase the good cholesterol levels in the body called HDL. It helps in reducing the chances of any heart disease and also keeps the blood sugar levels in check. It is a natural way of combating problems related to cholesterol. It may be an effective ingredient in protecting your heart from unwanted conditions. However, it is important to take professional advice before using it if you're suffering from serious problems.

* Wound Healing

Tej Patta has both anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties that contribute towards healing wounds effectively. You can use Tejpatta to cover your minor cuts and it may also help in fastening the process of wound healing. It may also stop the flow of your blood. But you must keep in mind that tejpatta should only be used in the case of some minor ones and not for serious ones that require proper first aid.

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* Good For Stomach

Tejpatta is considered very good for the stomach and can help in digesting our food properly. There is ethanolic extract present in these leaves that can help in reducing the acidity in our stomach. It can also help in the promotion of anti-oxidant actions. You can drink water that is brewed with some tejpatta every day in the morning and see if it works out for you or not. If you have some serious problems related to your stomach then we would recommend to consult a doctor and then consume anything even if it's natural.

* May Reduce the Production Of Cancer Cells

Tejpatta may also help in reducing the production of cancer cells in the body because this herb contains a lot of compounds that fight against the free radicals in our body. This may be used as a preventive measure and not a curing measure. This means that consuming tejpatta in one form or the other regularly may help provide immunity to the body against cancer. But if somebody has already been diagnosed with the problem, then it is very important to follow proper medical treatment and not rely on these things.

There are multiple ways to consume tejpatta and use it in your everyday life. One of the easiest ways is to directly include it in your food in the leaf form or you can also make powder of tejpatta by dehydrating it. It can also be used in the form of oil that can be extracted from the leaves. The daily dosage and the effects of this herb may vary from person to person. There are different factors affecting the impact of tejpatta on your body, which include your age, your physical structure, the kind of diseases you already have and many such things. Daily consumption of more than 1 g is not at all recommended. So you must keep a check on whatever you are consuming even if it's natural.