What’s Padma Lakshmi Prepared For This Thanksgiving?
Image Credit: Padma Lakshmi/Instagram, She enjoys her turkey trussing this year.

Each year, Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth day of November in the US. While the day marks a warm welcome to the harvest season, it is the elaborate feast prepared on this day that is the star of the show. The most important component of this lavish spread is turkey and Padma Lakshmi seems to have taken the onus of stuffing it this Thanksgiving.

The 52-year-old took to her Instagram feed to share a reel, showcasing the step-by-step trussing of the turkey. What was even more fun to watch was the fact that Padma had given the entire video a sensual feel by adding a slow and sensual music. For the unversed, trussing the turkey is an act of tying it up in knots by intertwining the legs. This is considered a necessary step before cooking the turkey as the legs get more air circulation and it also ties up the breast cavity, allowing both the thighs as well as the breast to roast properly.  

Source: Screengrab of Instagram reel/Padma Lakshmi

Padma is seen taking the thread to tie knots in slow-motion, which lends it a sensual feel and she describes it in her caption as, “sensual turkey trussing”. In the comments below, there’s also a fun comment by Chef Joe Sasto, which reads, “BirDSM”. After trussing the turkey, she places it in a steel container that is layered with vegetables and rubs loads of oil (again in slow motion) on the turkey. 

Looks like Padma is having a gala time making turkey this Thanksgiving. However, it’s not just turkey but plenty of other things that this model likes to cook, including Indian dishes like dosa and idli as well as pickling vegetables.