What Makes Mallika Biryani So Famous? Here Are The Answers
Image Credit: Mutton Mallika Biryani, death__traveller@Instagram

If you are a fan of biryanis of India and always on a hunt to find something new and sumptuous, you need to read this article. Mallika Biryani in East Bengaluru has turned so popular that this restaurant has become synonymous with a biryani variant. This frequented eatery is famous for its wood-fired cooked desi or naati style, mutton biryani. Starting its journey about a decade back, it rose to fame in the shortest period. Today, Mallika Biryani is among India's most favourite names. People come from all over to have an early start at Mallika Biryani's restaurant.

The humble beginning of Mallika Biryani

As the story goes, Mallika Biryani had a very humble beginning. The founder, Venkatesh, who studied computer science and was an engineer. But during his stints at various businesses he, recurred a major loss. It was when in 2014, he started his journey with just 1 kg of mutton biryani. His capital value was barely INR 10,000. All he had was an excellent mutton biryani recipe that kept pulling people from all corners of Bengaluru and nearby areas. He wasn't aware that Mallika Biryani would write history and become famous. Gourmands started thronging his eatery.

Mallika Biryani's thumping success and growth

What was initiated as a small-time food joint, today, Mallika Biryani spans over an acre of land in Kothanur. It is among the most searched biryani on the internet. But it wasn't a rosy story. Venkatesh had to brave many teething challenges, including the inability to hire employees to do the odd jobs at his restaurant. From cooking to cleaning, he did everything. So, if one wants to learn how hard work leads to success must visit Mallika Biryani and meet the founder, Venkatesh. Today, his restaurant has created employment opportunities for many, promoting women empowerment by employing more women.

The famous Mallika Biryani restaurant, Image Source: ash.s_aspect@Instagram

USP of Mallika Biryani

The famous Mallika Biryani restaurant is on an ever-rising popularity graph. But despite the fame, it hasn't compromised on quality, quantity and taste of food. This consistency is Mallika Biryani's USP.  has become so popular that the crowd is increasing every weekend. Even the founder swears by these 3 factors and holds them as the secret of ongoing success.  

A delicious commination at Mallika Biryani, Image Source: foopowithmeo@Instagram

Jeera Samba rice and Bullet rice secret of Mallika Biryani

It is a known fact that apart from spices, meat and the cooking process, the rice used plays a crucial role in giving a biryani its unique flavour and texture. Allegedly, a few years back, the owner of this place, Venkatesh, shared the details of the ingredients he uses for the biryani. According to what he revealed, he uses the popular Jeera Samba and Bullet rice to cook the famous mutton and chicken Mallika Biryani. Likewise, only tender and juicy meat is employed. Being cooked on a traditional wood fire lends it a smokey fragrance.

Taste of Mallika Biryani

Those who relish the fiery flavours of south Indian cuisine would love the dishes here. Especially the chicken and mutton Mallika biryanis are a tad spicier compared to the prevalent outlets in this city.  

Mutton biryani, the most popular item

This place several dishes on the menu, such as chicken biryani, mudde, mudde oota, mutton masala, boti pepper fry, mutton fry, liver fry, chicken kabab, liver pepper and so on. But out of all the culinary fares, mutton biryani of Mallika Biryani is the most popular and must-try. Every day it gets sold out within an hour of its preparation.

Biryani at Mallika Biryani, Image Source: shruthigladys@Instagram

It is said that this eatery uses 100 kg of rice for 140 kg of meat for the mutton Mallika Biryani. A plate of Mallika mutton biryani can serve two and contains a generous quantity of biryani and mutton pieces. Many people travel from far and wide only to sample it. People also recommend trying ragi mudde with mutton curry and chicken biryani.

Mallika Biryani’s serving capacity

Sitting area at Mallika Biryani, Image Source: shruthigladys@Instagram

It is possible for up to 300 people to dine at the Mallika Biryani restaurant at the same time without the space appearing to be overcrowded. This Bengaluru biryani restaurant is not like the others where you have to wait in line to get a seat. For the guests' convenience, seating is available in both an outdoor space and a semi-enclosed area where they can sit comfortably and dine. Plenty of air and light keep penetrating the building.