What Is The Right Time To Drink Milk
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In the Indian diet, milk plays a significant role. Both children and adults enjoy a glass of milk. While milk consumption is advised for children during their growth years, it is also frequently advised for adults to consume milk for better bone health. Milk is highly full and is referred to as "the complete diet" because of this. To make milk more interesting, you can either drink it straight or flavour it. While a lot of people drink it in the morning, a lot of people also prefer it at night. So, when is the ideal time to consume milk?

Best time to drink milk

According to Ayurveda, drinking milk before bedtime is the optimum time for adults. Ayurveda advises children to drink milk in the morning. Milk consumption at night encourages "Ojas." When you attain good digestion, according to Ayurveda, you are in a state called ojas. Additionally, milk promotes sleep and aids in a restful night's sleep. Your body absorbs the most calcium from milk at night due to decreased activity.

Benefits of drinking milk

Milk is loaded with nutrients and has been shown to strengthen bones. Furthermore, it contains plenty of phosphates, calcium, vitamin B12, vitamin D, and protein. Regular milk consumption might help you avoid issues like heartburn while also boosting your immunity.

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Even while you can easily drink 2-3 cups of milk every day, you must keep in mind that anything in excess is unhealthy. If your milk is full cream, limit yourself to 1-2 cups as it could make you gain weight. You can drink low-fat milk, but only in moderation. Make sure you aren't lactose intolerant because drinking a lot of milk can cause problems if you are.


Mangoes, bananas, melons, and other sour fruits should never be combined with milk or yoghurt, according to Ayurvedic principles. These fruits can reduce stomach inflammation when combined with milk, producing toxins that result in sinus, cold, cough, and allergy symptoms. To your milk, you can add natural flavours, sweeteners, and even turmeric. You can choose chocolate granules to enhance the flavour of the milk for picky eaters in children.

The right way to consume milk

The dilemma of how to take it properly comes now that Ayurveda advises against mixing fruits and milk together. Even though milk can be consumed either cold or hot, the proper way to consume it depends on the time of day. You can have hot or cold milk if you consume it during the day. Always make sure to drink warm or lukewarm milk if you're drinking it before night. Drinking cold milk late at night may not only upset your stomach but may also disrupt your sleep schedule.