What Is Food Poisoning? 6 Tips To Stay Away From This Disease

We all love eating delicious food, it gives our body energy and nutrients along with satisfying our taste buds. However, not being careful about what we are eating can lead to a severe health problem called food poisoning. They are basically foodborne diseases that are caused by eating contaminated, spoiled or toxic food.  

According to Healthline, the major causes of food poisoning are bacteria, parasites or viruses. These pathogens are present in almost all kinds of foods we eat but the cooking process kills most of them. This is why consuming raw food is said to increase the risk of foodborne diseases.  

Some common symptoms of food poisoning are abdominal cramps, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, mild fever, weakness and headache. The appearance of symptoms depends on the source of the infection and can range from as little as half an hour to as long as two months. Mild food poisoning can be treated at home, however when the symptoms are severe it is advised to visit the doctor immediately. 

Here are six precautionary tips you must follow to stay away from food poisoning: 

Wash Fruits And Vegetables Properly

No doubt fruits and vegetables are very healthy and can boost your overall health. But not washing them properly can make them poisonous for you. Most of the fresh produce is contaminated by several pathogens like E. coli which can make you and your family sick. So, wash them very carefully under running water and discard the bruised and damaged of the fresh produce.  

Store The Perishable And Prepared Foods At The Right Temperature  

According to Everyday Health, pathogens grow very quickly in perishable foods like meat, dairy, seafood and eggs. So, it should be immediately transferred to refrigerator after opening. Read the label carefully and store them at the right temperature. This also applies for leftover cooked meals; they must be stored covered in the refrigerator.   

Marinate And Thaw Meats In Refrigerator 

One must be very careful with raw meats at home. Whether you are marinating or defrosting them always store them in the fridge instead of the kitchen counter. Keeping them at room temperature for more than two hours will allow the bacteria to multiply very quickly and yourfood will become contaminated.  

Cook Foods Thoroughly

We all know that heat kills germs. So, cook all kinds of foods very properly at the right temperature, specially meat. According to a report by Everyday Health, all kinds of meat including poultry, and lamb must be cooked between 145 degrees F to 165 degrees F. Also boiling milk properly in important to kill all the pathogens present in them. 

Check Expiration Dates

It is always advised to check the expiry dates of every packaged food item but don’t take it seriously. It has become our habit to buy a packet of chips, chocolate or cold drink without verifying its date. But this habit can be very risky and cause food poisoning. Always check the dates carefully before purchasing any edible item, specially in the case of dairy, meat and poultry products.  

Stay Hydrated

This is the simplest way to keep yourself healthy. Drinking lots of water allows smooth functioning of the digestive system and keeps your skin healthy. But did you know, staying hydrated also helps in curing food poisoning? According to Healthline, fruit juices, coconut water and other electrolyte-rich drinks restore your energy and calm your upset stomach.