What Happens To The Body After Eating Expired Food?
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Any illness that is caused in the body because of eating bad food is termed food poisoning. One of the major reasons why people experience food poisoning is eating expired food. This food becomes contaminated and accumulates toxic substances that disturb the balance of the body upon being consumed. Some of the most common repercussions of eating poisoned food include diarrhoea, vomiting, and nausea. The National Institutes Of Health has stated multiple threats related to consumption of expired food.

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If not treated at the right time, food poisoning can become a very serious problem even leading to hospitalisation of a person. More than 48 million people in the US contract food poisoning through one way or the other every year. Out of these at least 1,28,000 are hospitalised every year. This goes on to say that food poisoning and eating expired food is a serious problem that should be given a lot of attention.

How To Check If Food Has Expired

The best way to check whether food has expired or not is by having a look at its labels. The manufacturers or the sellers have to explicitly mention its shelf-life and date of manufacturing as well as expiration. If the food has already crossed the deadline of being fit for consumption, then it is better to not buy it. Any food item that is being sold in the market without any packaging must be checked by touch and smell. Any expired food will have a very foul smell and the person will instantly understand that it has gone bad. In an article the USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service has also put light on the importance of checking ‘Use-By Date’, which is the last recommended date for the safe consumption of a product. 

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A lot of time there is also growth of fungus or weird patches on a fruit or a vegetable that look obnoxious. These types of fruits and vegetables shouldn't be bought from the market. Other than this, a lot of times people end up buying food more than it is needed and accumulate it in the kitchen. The accumulated grocery doesn't get used at the right time and it leads to the expiration of food. Before cooking anything at home, it is important to inspect all the ingredients properly to ensure that everything is fit for consumption and fresh.

Why To Never Consume Expired Food

A lot of times people end up consuming expired food, especially products like bread, meat and vegetables. The chances of getting seriously ill are always high so it is important to check the ingredients properly before cooking food from them. Here are some of the top reasons as per the Cleveland Clinic as to why everyone must avoid consuming food that has expired.

* Abdominal Cramps

One of the most frequent symptoms of food poisoning is abdominal cramps. After eating expired food, one may experience severe abdominal cramps that may lead to pain in the stomach and a lot of other digestive discomfort.

* Diarrhea

Diarrhoea and loose motions are other symptoms of food poisoning. Most people experience a severe form of diarrhoea after eating expired food. It might take several days for a person to recover from this condition.

* Vomiting

Constant vomiting after eating expired food is also a frequent phenomena and it may further lead to even loss of appetite. This is the body's way of showing that the food that has just been put inside the stomach doesn't belong in the body and must be taken out.

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* Weakness

Problems like vomiting and diarrhoea may further cause weakness in the body of a person. It may also lead to the development of a mild fever, which may take some time to go away. A person might also face some problems related to headaches.

These are some of the top consequences of eating stale food that has expired. It might also be a sign that a person has developed severe food poisoning and needs instant medical assistance.

What To Do After Eating Expired Food

In case if a person has accidentally eaten some expired food and gotten to know about it instantly then it is extremely important to remain calm. In most cases, eating expired food doesn't lead to life-threatening problems. First of all, a person must pay attention towards their symptoms and their severity. Drinking a lot of water during this time is important to make sure that the body is properly hydrated.

Taking rest also becomes a necessity as the body has to recover from the effects of the toxic food that has just been consumed. If the problem persists for more than a day, then it is important to go to a doctor and take proper medication. During this time a person must avoid taking medication on their own.