The peppy and chirpy numbers of hit Punjabi songs are poles apart from Diljit Dosanjh’s humble and down to earth personality. The Punjabi singer and actor debuted in the Hindi film industry with Udta Punjab which gained a lot of prominence due to the societal problem it was targeting. His actions, words and innocent gestures have won hearts across the globe with the Indian diaspora going crazy every time a new song is released. The singer leaves no stone unturned to impress his fans by creating fun and engaging reels on Instagram. 

During the lockdown, the Good News actor kept us entertained with his hilarious and interactive cooking videos. From chicken to pindi chole and parathas, Diljit Dosanjh donned the chef hat for good. With so many feathers in his cap, the actor cum singer cum songwriter also turned out to be a hard-core foodie. As part of his ongoing tour across the country, Diljit was recently in the capital. His concert took place in Gurugram (Delhi-NCR) and he was quite pepped up about it. He posted a story on his Instagram handle, with a video of a pan full of what looks like upma to us. 

He captioned the video saying, “Good carbs” and in the background, we can hear him thanking his cook for preparing the dish for him before his performance. Loading up on carbs to sustain energy for long hours seems to be a good idea for him. Do you know how his upma was looking? Here’s a glimpse. 

Source: Screengrab of Instagram Stories/Diljit Dosanjh

Carbohydrates pump up your energy levels and keep you active during the day. They also keep you full for longer and allow you to increase your productivity. If you want to start your day right, opt for good or healthy carbs. Here are some recipes that you can include in your diet. 

1.  Bajra Khichdi 

Millets are a super-grain that is rich in good carbs. It has a lot of nutrition and energy packed into it. The one-pot rice dish is seasoned with spices and can be eaten at any time of the day. 

2.  Sweet Potato Chaat 

Shakarkandi or sweet potato is a delicious version of potatoes. Sweet and soft, the vegetable is dunked into a chaat-like preparation for a chatpata taste. Sprinkle some chaat masala and relish. 

3.  Kuttu Pancakes 

Made with buckwheat flour, the kuttu pancakes are not only a vrat specialty but also a great way to fill up your stomach with a healthy treat.