What Are Quick Breads? 7 Different Types To Know
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Quick bread, to put it simply, is a recipe for bread baked without the use of yeast. That's it. These bread recipes use baking powder and soda as leavening agents, rather than yeast, to create a rise. You don't need to proof or knead quick breads like you would with yeasted breads. From the mixing bowl straight to the pan and the oven.

Even though they might take up to an hour to bake, they can be made much faster than a yeasted dough. Additionally, quick breads lack the texture of yeasted loaves. The texture of most quick breads is like that of a muffin. They are not really appropriate for anything like your midday sandwich, but they can be cut and toasted. Many sweet breads also come under the quick bread group.

Different Types Of Quick Breads

The following are the different types of quick breads that you should know:

Banana Bread

Banana bread is a moist and sweet American bread prepared with mashed bananas. Bananas originally appeared in the United States in the late nineteenth century, and it took some time for them to become popular in sweets. It is said that the bread was originally manufactured in the nineteenth century when housewives discovered pearlash, a chemical leavening agent.

This bread gained popularity during the 1930s when baking soda and baking powder were widely available. Despite being an American innovation, banana bread is highly popular in Vietnam. It comes in two varieties: baked banana cake with a golden-brown crust and banana pudding, also known as steaming banana cake.

Pumpkin Bread

With flavours of ginger, nutmeg, clove, cinnamon, and pumpkin, pumpkin bread is a soft, moist loaf that tastes great. This bread will soon become a favourite if you enjoy banana bread. In addition to bananas, it has delicious pumpkins that will bring back memories of autumn. Don't forget to try this bread with fresh pumpkins available in the market. It's perfect for a snack, breakfast, or dessert.


The traditional cornbread is the epitome of an American meal. The most significant piece from the history of America is unquestionably the baked bread made with cornmeal, which is firm but soft. The Native Americans, who invented the original version, have long used corn as a primary component.

The original iteration of this bread was popular among frontier explorers and quickly gained national favour as a staple. In the past, cornbread had a white hue and was a heavier dish due to its use of stone-milled corn, which yielded finer flour.

Beer Bread

Beer bread is particularly savoury, in contrast to many other quick breads that tend to be more on the sweet side. The beer that's mixed into the batter gives this bread its distinct flavour and volume. The batter has a great rise and bubbles up when the leavening chemicals are added.

Zucchini Bread

This tasty, moist quick bread is ideal for any time of day. Add your preferred dried fruits, nuts, or spices to make it uniquely yours. A recipe for zucchini bread consists of eggs, grated zucchini, and all-purpose flour. People of all ages will enjoy this easy bread, which can be made for any occasion.

In addition to raisins, dried cranberries, shredded coconut and, if preferred, a handful of chocolate chips, walnuts and pecans make for very delicious additions to zucchini bread. You might also add some orange zest or chopped carrots or apples, according to your tastes.


Shaped like squares, diamonds, or triangles, scones are quick breads that are cooked in an oven. Today, wheat flour, baking soda or powder, butter, milk, sugar, and eggs are the usual ingredients for scones, even though they were originally baked on a griddle using oats. They are great for breakfast or as a side dish with afternoon tea. They can be sweet or savoury.


Muffins are quick cakes because they are prepared quickly. This makes the cake dense and substantial, not airy like other cakes because the dough does not need to be incubated for a long period of time.

Wheat flour, which doesn't take the same amount of time to ferment as bread dough, is the primary component in muffins. Rather than using cake mix, muffins combine cake mix with baking soda and powder. Following that, it is baked in the mould.