How Can Barley Water Help Shed Some Kilos?
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Weight loss is often viewed as a huge challenge, one which requires us to be mindful of not just diet, but the whole lifestyle at all times. And while shedding those extra kilos might become a constant battle to fight, it shouldn't become as difficult as the world makes it sound. All you need is a little patience and consistency to begin with, and a subtle tweak here and there in your diet and lifestyle can go a long way. While a Google search on weight loss might lead you to links that make it sound like a mammoth of a challenge, one just needs to be focused.  

To start with, you must know that weight loss is a journey which some of us are able to complete faster, some take time. Some would do so by following one diet, some will follow another. Do you know why? Because there’s no universal way to weight loss. Each body is different and this is why the diet your best friend followed and lost a few kilos, might not work the same way for you! But let’s first understand one thing that weight loss requires persistence and patience. It is not a week’s work.

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 And whether your new trending diet works or not, with time and consistency, certain home remedies might do the trick! Cutting down on junk, excessive calories and fats is one thing, there are some natural remedies that you can team with exercise and diet. Barley (jau), otherwise serves as a rice substitute, is one fibre-rich grain that is named along the lines of oats when it comes to shedding weight. And barley water is what many health experts and nutritionists vouch for!  

Barley Water for Weight Loss  

As per nutritionists, Barley comes with cholesterol-reducing soluble fibre called beta-glucan. It also has a low-glycaemic index which regulates blood sugar levels which helps process sugar in the blood properly, and, in turn, aids in weight loss. Since it is rich in fibre, it keeps you full for long, keeping unwanted hunger pangs at bay. The presence of fibre also ensures smooth bowel movement by cleansing your digestive system, a key factor in shedding weight. Regular consumption of barley is also known to help flush out toxins from the body and the intestines through the urinary tract. Barley water, in addition to aiding weight loss, also acts as a diuretic, which makes it a natural remedy for urinary tract infections along with kidney stones. 

Here’s how you can make barley water at home:  

All you need to do is soak about 1 cup pearled barley in about 3 cups of water. Strain and collect the water after the pearls are soft, until there is no residue left. While the taste can be little unappealing so you can always add a dash of cinnamon, lemon or ginger to it. All of these ingredients facilitate weight loss. To keep it fresh for long, store in the refrigerator and make it a part of your regular diet.