Haven’t we all thought about losing weight at least once in our lifetime? The pandemic and increasing Covid cases brought health to the limelight once again. From kadhas to home remedies for keeping infections and diseases at bay saw an upsurge in our homes. Dietary changes were definitely on the list of priorities during this time. However, with the shutting down of gymnasiums and fitness centres, people were left with no choice but to workout at home. Several fitness apps came up with home work out videos and tutorials along with virtual personal training sessions. 

Given the enclosed space of the four walls of your house and so many food trends doing the rounds on social media, you are bound to get tempted to try them. Many donned chef hats to cook new dishes as restaurants were hit hard and people wanted to avoid food deliveries too. Hogging on so much food and not exercising will only lead to a lethargic lifestyle and lack of body movement. End result? Weight gain. While spot reduction is believed to be a myth because it is said that the body tends to lose weight overall, there are many out there who wish to reduce the fat on their legs. 

Tired of looking at your thunder thighs and want to shed all that thigh fat at home? Here are some simple exercises that you can perform regularly at home to notice a major difference in that stubborn fat on your thighs. 

1.  Side Planks 

If you’re a beginner, we wouldn’t want you to overdo it on your first day. These side planks are an easy exercise that can be a good starting point. All you have to do is lie on the mat, with your body facing one side. Start by lifting your bottom left leg and rest the right one on it. Lift it all together and hold for 10 seconds. Repeat this on the other side with your right leg at the bottom and left leg above it. Try to do at least 10 reps on both sides. 

Source: Pixabay, These planks are quite effective. 

2.  Sumo Squats 

Familiar with regular squats? These ones are a slightly different version of the same. While in regular squats, you simply face the toes forward, in sumo squats, you have to bend your knees slightly and position your toes in the outward direction. Take the dip while doing the squat and go down as much as your body allows. Face a mirror to ensure the correct posture of your knees and back. While coming up, press your glutes and knees to focus on the inner thigh fat. Do 3 sets of 15 reps each. 

Source: Unsplash, You can use a resistance band to ensure correct posture. 

3.  Forward Lunges 

Lunges are a great way to reduce fat and tone thighs. Stand straight with you facing in front and the legs joint together. Bring your right leg forward and let the left leg be slightly titled. Place your hands on your waist. Bend both your knees with the left one taking a dip. Don’t let the knee go beyond the foot. Hold for 2-3 seconds and then bring your right leg back into original position with the left one. Repeat with the left leg too and follow this for 4 sets of 15 reps. 

Source: Pixabay, Lunge back is also a great way, but more effective for glutes. 

 4.  Burpees 

This is the most fun exercise that will bring up your heart rate and increase your metabolism along with reducing thigh fat. Stand straight with your hands up in the air. Jump up and then go down in a plank position. Do a quick push-up. Jump to bring your knees closer to your chest. After this, jump up to the standing position with your hands up in the air. Repeat this 25 times. 

Source: Pixabay, Burpees are a great cardio too. 

5.  Reverse Plank 

For the reverse plank, lie down on the mat and face the ceiling or sky. Raise your upper body till the waist and place your hands at the back, near your waist. Slowly, pick up your legs in the same straight position along with your hips, such that only your toes touch the ankle touches the ground. Take the dips and hold for a few seconds in the air. You can also use a chair to hold as a support. Repeat this 30 times. 

While these exercises seem to be effective in losing thigh fat, dietary changes can speed up the process. Note: Please ensure to consult your doctor in case you suffering from any physical ailment.