Weight Loss Diet: Here’s How Elon Musk Sheds 13Kgs
Image Credit: Image: Shutterstock

Elon Musk - the world’s richest man and Co-Founder and CEO of Tesla - has been trending on social media ever since his much talked-about acquisition of Twitter. He took over the micro-blogging site, following a billion-dollar deal, and soon started making some interesting but controversial changes in the organisation. Be it his call to charge an $8 subscription fee for the blue-tick verification, or the mass firing of employees, Elon has been creating quite a lot of headlines. And now, he is piquing the internet’s curiosity once again by saying that he has lost 13kgs recently. Believe it or not, the billionaire has revealed the secret behind it too. 

A Twitter user and fan shared a before and after picture of Elon, and wrote "You've lost a ton of weight, Elon! Keep up the fantastic work". There was a visible difference in the pictures shared. Responding to that, Elon wrote that he has indeed lost 30lbs (or 13kgs). Take a look at the post here: 

Twitter users were quite inspired by his surprising weight loss journey, and enquired about what has made the difference and how exactly did he go about shedding so much weight. Elon has now revealed the secret behind the change.  

"What's made the most difference", asked one user. The routine he gave was quite simple and seemed easy to follow. "Fasting + Ozempic/Wegovy + no tasty food near me", wrote Elon. Simple, isn’t it? Fasting seemed to refer to the intermittent fasting plan that is quite popular among health enthusiasts, and Elon has earlier admitted to follow the same. Read more about it here. ‘Ozempic/Wegovy’ refers to weight-loss injections for the management of obesity. Staying away from tasty food is definitely one of the most effective or natural ways, we would say. 

A number of people reacted to Elon’s weight loss journey. "Post pics of your progress if you're comfortable with it! It'll motivate a lot of people", wrote one user while another commented, "You're also very busy, and probably have less time to eat!". 

What did you think of Elon 13kg weight loss journey? Let us know. However, if you are someone also looking to shed some kilos, we would suggest consulting a qualified health practitioner or nutritionist before making any major changes to the diet.