Weight Loss: Add Bathua Raita To Your Winter Diet
Image Credit: Image: Shutterstock

One of our favourite seasons is here. Winter comes with chilly mornings, comforting sunny days, warm embrace of the quilts, and snuggly evenings. But what we love the most is the various seasonal dishes that one gets to relish during this time of the year. Besides hot chocolate and warm soups, it is also the season for fresh and nutritious vegetables. Now, with so much food around to tempt us, are you worried about your weight loss diet? Well, the secret lies in balancing it all, because as we are strict about body weight management, it’s also important that we nourish ourselves with the season’s best. Yes, it’s time to relish sarson ka saag with makki ki roti, and reap the benefits of spinach, methi and what not.   

While winter is the time to gorge on and not worry so much about the extra calories, there are ways in which you can enjoy yummy food, and also shed some kilos. Yes, you can lose weight with some winter ingredients, such as the green leafy veggie - bathua. Also known as Chenopodium Album, bathua is yet to receive its share of popularity, as much as other green leafy vegetables. While it is equally nutritious and tasty, not many know just how versatile bathua is. Did you know India is known to be the biggest cultivators of this dark, green leafy winter veggie that holds a rich taste and health benefits? Let us tell you how it can benefit your health. 

Health benefits of bathua 

Loaded with essential minerals and antioxidants, bathua is rich in fibre that not only helps tackle digestive issues, but also keeps us satiated for a long time, and facilitates weight loss. Moreover, according to data by USDA, it has just about 43 calories in a 100-gm portion, which makes it an excellent low-calorie food for a weight loss diet. Besides, bathua is also packed with amino acids, which help in cell formation and cell repair. The green leafy veggie is also a powerhouse of Vitamin A, C, and B complex. It has an abundance of iron, phosphorus, and calcium.

Being a versatile veggie, bathua can be included in your winter weight loss diet in the form of roti, paratha, and saag. But what we have here is one of the easiest ways to consume it. Bathua raita is not just quick and easy to make, but is also light on the stomach and cooling for our digestive system. Here’s how you can make bathua raita at home. 


  • ½ cup bathua leaves (chopped and boiled)
  • 2 cups curd 
  • 1 tsp cumin powder 
  • Salt, to taste 


  • Take curd in a bowl, and add bathua leaves to it. 
  • Add salt and cumin powder, whisk well.  
  • You can add chilli powder too.