Weight Loss: 6 Easy Dinner Recipes To Lose Unwanted Fats

Weight loss is a challenging task that requires complete devotion both physically and mentally. From working out for hours to controlling your cravings, one has to go through a lot to get into the desired shape. The efforts must be consistent and even a small negligence can make all your hard work go in vain. It is important to stick to a fixed routine for a long time to shed the extra kilos from your body. 

Diet plays a very crucial role in your weight loss journey. Just skipping meals or eating less won't do any help. Your plates must contain all the essential nutrients in a balanced form to support your body functions. Green vegetables, whole grains, fruits, nuts, eggs, and legumes are some of the best food items to get rid of those unwanted fats. All three meals should have these food items to burn fat healthily.  

If you are also planning to start your weight loss journey, here are six easy dinner ideas that can help you burn unwanted fat: 

Soya Chunks Curry

Soya chunks are loaded with protein, fibre and other minerals that help in supporting several functions of our body. They are a perfect source of protein for all vegetarians. Made with soya chunks, onion, garlic, yoghurt and a variety of flavourful spices like cinnamon, cumin seeds and coriander powder, this dish is extremely delicious and also easy to prepare. You can pair soya chunks curry with rice as well as roti. 

Bajra Khichdi

Bajra khichdi is another warming and comforting dish which is perfect for weight loss. Being popular in Rajasthan and Haryana, it is made with pearl millet, moong lentils, spices and herbs. There are many variations of this khichdi but for weight loss always go for the simple one with less oil and spices. You can also add your favourite vegetables to make it more delicious and healthier. 

Roasted Chicken

If you are looking for a non-vegetarian recipe for weight loss, then roasted chicken is perfect for you. Unlike butter, chilli or other chicken recipes, this dish won’t increase your weight overnight and is also packed with protein. Made with chicken, curd, egg and a few spices like black pepper and garam masala, it helps in keeping you full for a long time. 

Moong Dal Soup

Soups are an incredibly healthy dish that is ideal for all seasons. Moong dal soup is made by combining moong lentils with fresh vegetables and a few herbs and spices which makes it ideal for weight loss. It is rich in fibre, protein and other essential nutrients along with being low in calories. It keeps you full for a long time and moong dal soup can also be served with a slice of bread. 

Chickpea Tikka Masala

Chickpea is extremely versatile and highly nutritious that benefits overall health. According to Healthline, the fibre present in them makes you feel full for a long time and aids weight management. Made with chickpeas, tomato paste and spices like garam masala and coriander powder, this dish can be enjoyed with brown rice or whole wheat roti for weight loss.  

Apple, Broccoli And Cabbage Salad  

Salads have been a popular choice for weight loss all over the world. Made with various healthy ingredients like grains, vegetables and fruits, they are easy to prepare and can be improvised according to one's preference. This weight loss salad is made with cabbage, apples, broccoli and a few spices and is perfect to incorporate in dinner. It is high in fibre, vitamins and water content which boosts your digestion and bone health as well.