Easy Ways To Ripen Raw Mangoes At Home This Summer

Summer means the mango season! With the temperatures soaring fast, you will soon find mangoes of different varieties sold across the country. Most people are so fond of ‘the king of fruits’ that they travel several kilometres to pick the best-quality mangoes if unavailable in their locality. But not many know that they are purchasing mangoes that are mostly ripened using carbide. Many a time, health also deteriorates due to the consumption of mango ripened by chemicals. Here are a few tips for ripening raw mangoes at home.


The paper that you throw into the trash can, considering it useless, is the best home remedy to ripen mangoes. For this:

  1. Wrap the mango in three to four pieces of paper and place it in a corner.
  2. Then, cover it with a pot or sack from the top.
  3. Mangoes will quickly ripen in about three or four days.


You can quickly ripen mango with the help of a box of rice. For this:

  1. It would help bury the mangoes about one to two feet deep in the rice box.
  2. Now leave it like this for at least four to five days.
  3. After five days, you will see that the mangoes are thoroughly ripened.

Cotton cloth

Raw mangoes quickly ripen when wrapped in a cotton cloth and kept aside.

  1. Wrap the mango in a clean cotton cloth and keep it in the kitchen cupboard or storeroom for two to three days.
  2. After three days, you will see that you have ripened mangoes quickly.


Instead of throwing away the extra hay in the garden, you can now use it to ripen mangoes this summer. For this:

  1. Fill a bag with some hay, put the mangoes in it and store it in a cool place.
  2. Compared to the other tips, mangoes ripened using hay will be ready in about one to two days (without chemicals).

Similarly, you can also use these tips for ripening any other fruit. For example, many people resort to these tips to ripen raw bananas.