Ways To Pair Cocktails With Your Elaborate Long Weekend Meal
Image Credit: Unsplash

How long has it been since you have poured a glass of wine and just relaxed while watching a movie or munching on some snacks? If you can’t remember the last time you did that, you should probably leverage the long weekend and plan an elaborate meal with some cocktails and spirits to unwind.

Don’t worry; you’ll not be required to slog the whole weekend in the kitchen to prepare the elaborate meal. You just take one day out of the long weekend and plan out some pre-dinner drinks, appetisers, dinner, and something sweet. So, slip into some comfortable PJs and make your long weekend a memorable one.

Pre-Dinner Drinks

You can kickstart your long weekend by having a light lunch and preparing an impeccable meal. Start off with a glass of wine cocktail. You can easily make it by mixing the choicest red wine, cinnamon, cloves, and a squeeze of lemon juice. Pour into a glass while you play some background music or watch a movie with your loved ones. The sparkling cocktail will help you unwind and add to the flavours of your dinner.


After having a glass of wine cocktail, it’ll be the time for some drool-worthy appetisers. You can either choose to have a barbecue platter with roasted chicken and vegetables or have dishes like stuffed mushrooms and mozzarella cheese sticks. Pick up a good quality whiskey to pair with the barbecue platter. And if you’re going for a cheesier version, you can make a classic gin and tonic to balance the flavours. Take your time dancing around while munching on starters before serving dinner.

Main Course

Even though you must have some delicious appetisers prepared, remember not to fill up on them and leave some scope for the main course and desserts. For the long weekend, you can have a rather elaborate main course with dishes like fish fry and butter chicken and pair them with your favourite scotch. For some vegetarian options, you can have butter paneer masala with a side of stuffed vegetables paired with some vodka or tequila-based cocktails. This way, you can have a fancy drink and a balancing flavour of a sumptuous meal.


Finally, you reach the most awaited part of a meal for a sweet tooth – desserts. Keeping in mind the occasion of a long and relaxing weekend, you can indulge in a layered strawberry or chocolate trifle. With crumbled cake, custard, chopped fruits, and whipped cream, you can fill your plate and heart. Don’t forget to pick up your glass of white wine to enhance the fruity flavours and make the most out of a long weekend. You can then complete watching a feel-good movie and end the day on a sweet note.