Kitchen Tips: 4 Smart Ways To Keep Garlic From Sprouting
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It is rare to find garlic not being used in the vegetables prepared in Indian kitchens. This is because, on the one hand, garlic works to add flavour to any food, and, on the other hand, many people also use it to improve their health. This is also why many people buy several kilos of garlic in one go and keep them at home so that there is no need to buy them repeatedly. Unfortunately, though, garlic sometimes starts sprouting and gets dried and spoiled. 

This article will tell you some of the best ways to keep the garlic from growing

  • Avoid storing garlic in a damp place: Often, we think that keeping garlic in a cool place does not spoil it. But this is not the case. To keep the garlic from sprouting, you should never keep it in a damp place. Instead, keep the garlic in a dry and airy place. Unfortunately, many people also keep garlic in the fridge, which leads to sprouting. You can keep it in an open space and cover it with paper to prevent that.
  • Do not put garlic in a plastic bag or box: People often use a plastic bag or container to keep things safe for a long time, but putting garlic in a plastic box or bag may cause sprouting. Therefore, keep them in a paper envelope instead so that they do not germinate. You can also keep it in a cloth bag.
  • Remove the garlic buds before storing: Another way to keep garlic fresh for a long time is to remove the garlic pods. Garlic buds germinate more diminutively than whole garlic. So you can keep the garlic in the fridge by taking out the buds. You can also store them in an open area if you think keeping them in the refrigerator might spoil the buds.
  • Do not store garlic with other food items: Many food ingredients/items start spoiling in 2-3 days when kept together. For example, many people keep potatoes, onions and garlic together. This should be avoided. If any of the potatoes, onions and garlic germinate, the gas released from it affects the others, causing sprouting.