Ways To Include Neem In Your Diet
Image Credit: Neem leaves/ Unsplash.com

People are more aware of their lifestyle choices as a result of the global spread of the coronavirus. People are now more conscious of their eating and sleeping habits, and they are working hard to increase their immune levels in order to fend off viral infections. People are beginning to wonder what they are eating in the light of the recent health vulnerability wave. Greenies, previously everyone's least favourite snack, are now a top seller because they help build immunity. We must maintain a healthy diet and maintain our physical fitness in order to sustain and survive in a global epidemic like this. Neem is a plant that may be used to treat practically anything and everything while also enhancing immunity.

Neem promotes blood circulation and aids in the elimination of bodily pollutants. Neem reduces the likelihood of developing chronic constipation and relieves bloating. Neem is the finest option to treat illness overall if you ever catch a smell of it. However, we do recognise that it can be difficult to consume raw neem leaves no matter how ill you feel. However, we are here to assist you as we provide you with 3 neem-filled dishes that will strengthen your immunity. However, these dishes don't skimp on flavour or advantages!

Neem and Aloo Vada

Neem leaves and potatoes should be clean. Neem leaves should be de-stemmed and thoroughly mashed with cooked potatoes. Later, include other plants and vegetables, such as onions, potatoes, and green chillies, along with salt and pepper. Then use this batter to form tiny dough-like balls, and set them aside. These dough-like balls are shallow fried in the preheated oil after being floured on both sides. Neem and aloo vadas are now ready to be served with chutney on the side.

Neem and Baingan Sabji

This one strengthens the immune system because it combines the advantages of neem and baigan. This dish is not monotonous in any way. Making baingan sabji only requires that you follow the normal methods. However, when your brinjal cubes soften in the final stage, add some sugar and some fried neem leaves and combine thoroughly. In this manner, you can enjoy the flavour of neem, which is no longer bitter, as well as brinjal.

Neem Juice

This isn't the neem juice your mother makes you drink every morning on an empty stomach, though. It is that juice, in fact, but it is no longer bitter. Neem leaves should be soaked in water for five minutes. These soaked neem leaves should be placed in a grinder along with some water, sugar, and lemon. Your body will be refreshed and cleaned by this beverage. Neem is bitter, but lemon and sugar make it more tolerable and nearly drinkable!

Neem Juice/ Unsplash.com

This one is for all you tea lovers. You may either buy dry neem leaf tea bags from the market or dry the leaves first and then boil them with water to make tea. It will be bitter in any case, so we advise adding some more ingredients to lessen the bitterness. Neem tea's bitter flavour can be mitigated by adding sweet and sour flavours, such as cinnamon or orange peels. Although it won't taste anything like your typical cup of tea, this one will relieve gastrointestinal discomfort and improve blood circulation.

Neem Chutney

The simplest recipe of them all! Neem leaves, jeera powder, salt, ginger, green and red chilli powder, and guava leaves are all good to have on hand. Combine all of these ingredients in a blender and process for three minutes. Pour the batter onto a pan. The pan should be heated before adding some ghee and heeng and frying for around two minutes. You can now serve your chutney with bread pakora or khakra.