Some call it sheera, while others refer to it as halwa. The intermingling of cultures and diversity of cuisines in India is the reason behind dishes that cut across cultures. The regional fare of the country is so vast that the same dish is called by several names in different parts. Take sheera, for instance. It is nothing but a classic sweet Indian pudding that is made for special occasions and, sometimes, for breakfast too. While the southern states like Karnataka refer to the dessert as sheera, as you move up North, halwa is the commonly-used term for this sweet dish.

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The most popular sheera is the Rava Sheera in the region. Made with semolina, or rava, ghee, milk and sugar, this is also what goes into the making of Sooji Ka Halwa. However, to give the sheera a fruity twist, pineapple can be added to it too. Never thought of doing so? Well, this recipe takes us through the making of a decadent Pineapple Sheera. It is thick, fudgy and aromatic, all thanks to the use of saffron strands. The ripeness of pineapple chunks adds to the sweetness of the dessert which is well-complemented by the nuttiness of cashews, almonds and pistachios.

Here’s a quick and easy recipe of Pineapple Sheera that you can try at home.  

         Source: HT Buzz/YouTube


    1 cup pineapple  

    1/2 cup ghee 

    1 cup sooji  

    2 cups water  

    1/2 cup sugar  

    1/2 tsp cardamom powder  

    1 tbsp chopped pistachios  

    1 tbsp chopped cashew nuts  

    1 tbsp chopped almonds  

    Chopped nuts  

    Chopped pineapple 


1.    Start by blending a puree of chopped pineapples.  

2.    Add this puree to a pan and cook it with some sooji.  

3.    Mix it well so that it combines well. Add some water and let it thicken.  

4.    Then, add some sugar to the mix and pour some more pineapple puree in it.  

5.    Let it cook over medium flame till it thickens and attains a fudgy texture.  

6.    Once done, garnish the sheera with chopped cashews, pistachios and almonds.  

7.    Sprinkle some cardamom powder and enjoy the soft and sweet sheera.