Watch: Make These Delicious Malpuas For Your Next Dinner Party
Image Credit: Shutterstock

Malpua is an Indian pancake served as a dessert or a snack. The batter for malpua in some areas is prepared by crushing ripe bananas, adding flour, and water. Alternatively, the batter can also be prepared by crushing coconut and then adding flour, and milk. The mixture is delicately seasoned with cardamoms and is deep fried in oil, and served hot. In Odisha the malpua fritters are dipped in syrup once they are fried. The Bihari version of this dish has sugar added to the batter, prior to frying. Amaze your family with these incredibly delicious and flavorsome malpuas, that are crisp on the edges with a soft center. Be it any festival or celebration, these malpua are going to be all the rave at your next party. Serve them however you like - drenched in the sugar syrup or with rabdi, they look, smell and taste incredible!