These Sweetshops In Delhi Serve The Best Malpuas

Malpua is a dessert or snack that consists of deep-fried pancakes that have been soaked in sugary syrup before being served. Malpua was first referenced as "Apupa" in the Rigveda, where even the recipe for making it from barley flour was detailed, as barley was the primary grain used throughout the Vedic period. Buddhist and Jain literature both have similar descriptions of Apupa. Apupa has evolved into modern-day Malpua with the passage of time. Although there were some minor alterations in its preparation method over time, the delicacy remained popular. 

Malpua is widely consumed in Bangladesh, Odisha, West Bengal, Maharashtra, and Nepal, where it is eaten alongside other sweets during festivals. Amalu (Malpua) is one of Lord Jagannath's Chapana Bhoga and is included in the Sanja Dhupa (evening prayer). Other varieties of Malpua use pineapples or mangoes instead of bananas. Bengali, Maithili and [Odia malpua] are traditionally prepared only with thickened milk and a little flour (sometimes rice flour instead of wheat flour). During the holy month of Ramadan, malpua is popularly consumed by muslims. Malpuas are prepared during iftar by Muslim families across India and Pakistan (meal to break the fast). This malpua is made of maida, rawa, and khoya/mawa (milk solids) and deep-fried into a pancake shape. Before serving, malpuas are dipped in a sugar syrup known as sira in some recipes. They're well-known in Odia cuisine.


Are you craving some sugar dipped malpua? Here are the restaurants that serve the best malpua in Delhi NCR

Bengali Sweet Centre

This is one of the oldest food joints in South ex that believes itself in maintaining the authenticity of its menu items. This place is worth a visit if you have a sweet tooth. It is famous for its malpua and rabdi which is a heavenly combination and treat to the taste buds.

Price for two- 150

Annapurna Sweet House

Annapurna Sweet House, a sweet shop in Chittaranjan Park that sells flavorful sugar delights, serves delicious treats for your sweet taste buds. Their menu includes Indian sweets, munchies, and quick eats to satisfy all of your demands. Their goal is to deliver excellent flavour and unrivalled quality at a breakneck speed. The malpua served here is delicious and soft that melts in the mouth like a dream. It has enough sweetness which will hit the right sweet spots on your taste buds.

Price for two- 60

Evergreen Sweet House

This age-old sweet shop in Green Park has become a landmark for the locals in the neighbourhood and has become a household name in the area. It serves a wide variety of mithai, as well as North Indian, South Indian, and Chinese dishes, along with baked goods, street food, and snacks. The malpuas are worth trying. They are soft and soaked in the chashni that adds a delicious flavour to them. You feel different levels of sweetness with each bite that melts in the mouth like a cotton pancake.

Price for two- 150

Bhikharam Chandmal Sweets

This old sweet shop in Chandni Chowk is a classic sweet shop that is known for selling scrumptious mithai for years. The quality is up to the mark and the prices will not break your bank. The malpua served here is a classic sweet dish made in pure desi ghee.

Price for two- 200

Chor Bizarre

This classic dine-in restaurant that is located on Pandara road is known for its delicious cuisines and warm hospitality. The restaurant serves the best Kashmiri food. The desserts served here are lip-smackingly delicious. Warm malpua served with cold rabdi is a show stopper. It serves as a treat to your taste buds and is everything you could ask for.

Price for two- 1500