The most delicious food of every party is usually the appetisers that are consumed with drinks, before one indulges in main-course. These tasty appetisers are also called as chakna. The forever debate of whether chakna should be eaten by non-drinkers or not, still remains a heated topic in party circles. However, jokes aside, chakna is usually the most consumed food in every party as it’s portion is smaller than the rest of the meal-courses. As a result, at the end of every party, the host is usually running out of these snacks. Chips are a great snack when it comes to being relished along with alcoholic beverages. However the regular potato chips could seem a tad boring at parties. This is why you need to give the normal potato chips a culinary twist.

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Looking for a chips upgrade? We got you Kolkata style Masala Chips- an easy recipe hack that'll take your chakna from level basic to level savage! Check out this simple recipe put together by Home Chef Chirag: 


Onions chopped

Coriander chopped

Green chilli chopped

Red paprika powder

Chaat masala

Black salt

Lemon juice


Fresh potato chips


In a bowl put some chopped onion, coriander and green chilli and mix it. 

Next put some red paprika, chaat masala and black salt and mix. Squeeze some lemon juice and vinegar and toss the mixture nicely. 

Taking a few potato chips in your hand, crumble and crush them and mix nicely with the mixture that you made above. 

Once well mixed, serve these Kolkata style Masala Chips along with a chilled glass of beer, cola or your favourite beverage.