The concept of leftovers is a common everyday affair. While each one of us might measure and make food according to the number of eaters for a particular meal, miscalculation is bound to happen sometimes. Out of all the things that are leftover in the fridge, rotis are quite common. Roti or chapatti, for the uninitiated, is a round Indian flatbread that is usually made with whole wheat dough. If the rotis are made in advance and someone at the dinner table didn’t eat their share, these rotis would be wrapped in a kitchen towel and found in a corner of the refrigerator next morning. 

Rotis are common accompaniments during meals, paired with dry subzis and gravies from the Indian fare. The dough is kneaded by adding water to wheat flour. This is then rolled into a round shape with the help of a rolling pin. Toss it on an iron griddle and cook it from both sides. Since the leftover rotis turn cold and hard, it is difficult to eat them right away. They need to be heated in a microwave or on a tawa with some oil, so that it softens as well as gets slightly crispy on the edges. However, there is a spicy and sweet snack too that you can make with these rotis.  Home chef @tadka_mar_ke shares a quick and easy recipe of turning leftover rotis into a crispy bite. 

Source: Slurrpapp/Instagram

Honey Chilli Chapatti 


    Leftover chapati (2)



    Spring Onion (white and green part both)


    Chilli flakes

    Sesame seeds

For Preparing Sauce

    Ketchup (1tbsp)

    Vinegar (1tsp)

    Chilli ketchup (1tbsp)

    Soy sauce (1tsp)

    Honey (1tbsp)

    Salt (pinch)

    Cornflour (1tsp)

    Water (2tbsps)

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1.    In a bowl, add some ketchup, chilli ketchup, soy sauce and vinegar. 

2.    Throw it in a bowl and mix it with some honey, salt and cornflour. 

3.    Add water to it and mix it well. 

4.    Next, cut the leftover chapattis into small pieces. 

5.    Take a pan and add some oil to it. 

6.    Fry the chapatti pieces in oil. 

7.    Remove the chapatti and add oil to the pan again. 

8.    Add in chopped ginger, garlic and spring onion whites. 

9.    Toss it together and pour the prepared sauce into it. 

10.    Throw in the chapatti pieces and cook it for a few seconds until they turn crispy. 

11.    Take it out on a plate and garnish with spring onions.