Watch: Here's How To Make Wood Apple Juice
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Monsoons call for a chilled beverage in your hand, as you listen to the rain splatter on your window panes and lose yourself in the words of your favourite author. One of the most underrated fruit that makes for the most delicious monsoon drink is the wood apple. This round shaped fruit has a tough exterior and mushy and soft pulp within. Wood apple is packed with health benefits and is great for your gut health. (Read: Healthy Foods That Are Good for Your Gut). Did you know that this fruit has a peculiar smell and tastes akin to a ripe tamarind? The wood apple fruit is full of fibres and Vitamin C which makes it great for boosting your skin’s and hair’s health. Consuming wood apple juice will aid in digestion and the juice also acts as a coolant in case of heat strokes. If you’re willing to try your hand at this delicious juice which is nourishing and hydrating, give this recipe by Home Chef Ayandrali Dutta, a try: 


Bel fruit (wood apple) - 3 small to medium sized

Chilled water - 3 to 3.5 cups 

Jaggery - 12 tablespoons or add as required

Black salt - 2 pinches 


Break the wood apple with the help of a rolling pin or any hard object

With the help of a spoon scoop out the soft pulp. Once scooped out, put it in a bowl add 1 cup water. Let it rest for 5 mins. 

Next, mash the pulp very well and using a strainer, strain the mashed mixture in parts. 

Keep adding water as required while straining. Once strained, add jaggery, salt and milk and stir well. 

In a glass, add some ice cubes and mint leaves and pour the pulp. Add a little more water to adjust the consistency and serve chilled.