Healthy Foods That Are Good for Your Gut
Image Credit: Pexels.

A huge food trend of this year has been the nourishing foods that are centric to our health. In a pandemic inflicted world, the worry to keep your immunity boosted has made us focus on various other aspects of health and fitness, including looking after our gut’s health. The first thing to take care of when maintaining a good gut health is the food that you intake. Specific foods have been linked to boosting your gut’s health. A happy gut automatically leads to a feel good life. Basis research, food scientists have narrowed down on the following foods that can help you boost your gut health: 

1) Yoghurt 

Yoghurt is a fermented product that’s made by fermenting milk with a yoghurt culture. This dairy product is high in probiotics, calcium and vitamins that helps to boost gut microbia. For the uninitiated, there are billions of bacteria living in our body and some of them are beneficial to us. The probiotics present in Yoghurt are similar to the good bacteria in our gut that help to keep our gut health in tact. As a result they soothe our tummies and regulate our gut health. 

Credit: Pexels