Watch: Here's How To Make The Trending Bubble Potato Pillow
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Bengalis drop them in biryanis, Sindhis blitz them into aloo tuk and almost everyone loves a bit of comfort carb potatoes in their daily meals! Potato is one of the most versatile vegetable that finds itself in appetisers as aaloo tikki, in main course in biryani and in desserts as baked sweet potato pudding. If you’re choosing to incorporate potato in to your dinner party menu, you’re aiming to please everyone, as this humble vegetable is enjoyed equally by vegetarians and non-vegetarians. While there are many easy and tasty recipes that one can create using potatoes, there’s one recipe that’s been trending online of late. We are talking about the Bubble Potato Pillow recipe. This appetiser is delicious and easy to make and has gained a lot of popularity amongst food bloggers and foodies. Just a four ingredient recipe, to make the Bubble Potato Pillow recipe, here’s what you need to do: