Just about how many more ‘momo-inspired dishes’ do we have to see before we call it quits? If that is the question on your mind these days, well then you are not alone. Momo is a Tibetan snack that is essentially a dumpling that is typically steamed, boiled or fried. However, the Himalayan delight has found an unprecedented fan-following especially in Delhi-NCR, wherein people are cooking it in tandoor, stuffing it with Maggi and what not. Earlier this year, we also heard of the Jumbo momo, a giant-sized dumpling with contents of 10 momos clubbed into one, and very recently, a North Delhi eatery made news for baking momos in Kulhad!

Every so often, we hear about, rather bizarre street foods making waves on the internet and the newest kid on the block is the ‘momo paratha’.  

In a short video posted by food vlogger Amar Sirohi on his YouTube Channel ‘Foodie Incarnate’, he gives us a sneak-peak of the fusion dish that may pass off as a calzone in the first appearance.  Have a look.

In the dish, he explains, that the paratha, made of salt-free dough is stuffed with typical veg momo filling of carrots and shredded cauliflower. The stuffing seems nice and spicy, which is confirmed by Amar in his video ‘Bohot type ke flavours has isme (there are many kinds of flavours present here, he says. He further comments on the salt-less flour used for the paratha, since the paratha is deep-fried, you don’t feel the dearth of salt, he remarks. The paratha has a lovely golden exterior on which the word ‘MOMO’ is written with Mayonnaise. The Paratha is also served with a spurt of chilly chutney and mayonnaise. As he parts, he says that it would be a good idea to purchase a plate of momos and a paratha separately than indulging in this ‘Momo Paratha’.  

Many of his followers also seem to agree in the comments. “Momo be like aab yehi sab karo mere saath (Momo be like, yes run all your experiments on me)”, wrote a user. While there was another who found the dish eerily similar to Spring roll, “spring roll ke naam pe momo paratha bik raha hai”, he wrote. Speaking of similarities, a person also said that the dish could be inspired by Phale, and may not be just a random experiment. “This is called phale and it's not new in India. Perhaps it is pretty old. It is very popular in North east”, the user wrote.  

The video has already garnered more than 210K views within a day of going live and is getting mixed reactions from What are your thoughts on the Momo Paratha? Do let us know. And if you are cravings some classic momos right now? Here is a recipe that will satiate you to bits. Pair it with hot chutney, and bid farewell to winter blues.