Warning: Once You Watch This Triple Chocolate, Butter, Cheese Sandwich, There's No Looking Back
Image Credit: Screengrab of video/YouTube, This loaded sandwich will have your mind blown.

Do you often get confused between ordering a dessert and a snack? We do too sometimes. That is why we have something called chocolate momos in town these days. Or this chocolate cheese and butter sandwich. Wait, you haven’t seen it yet? A Gujarat eatery is selling a triple-layered sandwich and it has got everything, from chocolate to cheese and butter. Excited to see what it looks like? Here take a look. 

Shared by blogger @foodieincarnate on his YouTube channel, the video takes you through the process of making the loaded sandwich. The vendor begins by slathering a slice of bread with chocolate sauce. He then slides some butter on each of the slices. He places thin slices of cheese on each one of them. Next comes a drizzle of chocolate syrup and oodles of grated cheese. Then he drops in some choco chips and drizzles the chocolate syrup again. He repeats the process by stacking one slice over the other. Finally, he slices them into smaller square pieces and serves it. 

The video has crossed over 1 lakh views on YouTube, with several users commenting things like, “This is not a sandwich, this is a ‘diabetic sandwich’” while others expressing their disgust over this weird food combination. Would you like to try this sandwich? Do let us know. And till the time you decide, let us take you through some tasty sandwich recipes that you might want to make at home. 

1.  Chocolate Sandwich Cookies 

Oh, you thought we’d make a bread sandwich. Not at all. Here is a delicious dessert cum snack that you can eat all by yourself. Prepare a chocolate cookie dough and set them into shape. Take two cookies and stuff them with a thick layer of chocolate in the centre and bake them. Your sandwich is ready. 

2.  Grilled Cheese Chocolate Sandwich 

Slather the bread slice with chocolate and some cheese. Grill it in a sandwich maker and serve it with chips and a mayo dip. 

3.  Banana Chocolate Sandwich 

Load up your chocolaty sandwich with the goodness of bananas. The ripe slices of bananas are filled with nutrition and pair really well with the chocolate sauce. Toss it up on a pan or grill it. 

4.  Grilled Hazelnut Chocolate Sandwich 

Take a baguette and toss it in a pan. Temper some dark chocolate and slather it on either sides of the baguette. Drop in some roasted hazelnuts and you are good to go.