Warm Up Monsoon Evenings With 6 Rum-Spiked Hot Beverages
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When you find a quiet moment to yourself during these monsoon days, what better way to spend it than stay warm in bed with a book or a movie, and sip on a warm beverage? As the temperatures cool down and the weather intensifies, now is the time to pull out that bottle of rum that has been hibernating in your cabinet and whip up some delicious warm beverages with it. Here are six different ones to try:

Hot Buttered Rum

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A spiced rum drink combined with the richness from butter, for a luxurious mouthfeel, this beverage is perfect for the wet season, when you want to let your hair down with a drink that also soothes the throat. Simply combine brown sugar, vanilla extract, butter and cinnamon in some warm water and bring to a boil before straining and pouring into a mug and adding a strong dash of rum, before drinking.

Hot Toddy

Typically made with bourbon, this hot toddy drink uses lemon, honey and rum to combine in the best way possible, for a drink that tastes almost medicinal. You could also replace the hot water with some black tea for an extra caffeinated kick. Steep a couple of cloves and one cinnamon stick in some hot water, before adding the honey, lemon juice and rum and mixing well.

Rum Hot Chocolate

While the sweet warmth of rum is the perfect companion for chocolate, how is a monsoon season hot beverage listicle complete without featuring a mug of hot chocolate? Make yourself a mug of hot chocolate like you normally would and add a couple of tablespoons of rum, before topping off with marshmallows and enjoying while looking at the rain outside.

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Warm Eggnog

How do you spin a drink which is a popular Christmas classic on its head and make it relevant for the rainy season? Simple, make it warm. With the delicious richness from the egg yolk and heavy cream, along with the whisper of spices and a dash of rum, this warm eggnog can be made in a large batch to be enjoyed with a group of friends or family during a fun evening-in.

Vegan Rum Latte

Since the flavour combinations of coconut and rum are a match made in heaven, combine the forces of their lip-smacking tastes into a frothy latte to have in place of your cup of coffee in the evenings. Replacing whole milk with the coconut milk adds a bit of a tropical flavour, while also complimenting the rum perfectly, without ruining the purpose of an evening cuppa and not taking away from the essence of your beloved coffee.

Mulled Rum

Image Credits: Six Saints Rum

Like eggnog has been a celebrated festive drink, mulled wine has been the popular warm winter drink that everyone seems to enjoy. Replace the wine with a bottle of good quality dark rum and use seasonal fruit like pears or cherries for an added flavour boost while you slowly simmer the rum, until it is fragrant and glossy. Drink when still warm, after the spices have seeped and the flavours of the fruit have infused the warm rum.