Want To Make Your Food Look Attractive? Try These Tips

Those who cook know that cooking just doesn’t end when your food is done but only after the food is plated and served. Isn’t it? It has happened to most of us that we have searched for a recipe on the internet and made it using all the exotic ingredients mentioned. In the end, the dish does taste good, but it doesn’t look how you had seen in the recipe picture. Rather, your dish looks like a simple plate filled with simple food. Have you wondered why it is so? 

Well, you’ve put a lot of effort into making the dish but hardly paid attention to decorating or plating the dish. Plating is an art and not everybody is an artist. It requires a lot of attention just like cooking. For you, we have brought some tips with which you can make your food look fancy and attractive. Have a look! 

Colour Scheme  

Even before we taste a dish, what impresses us is its look. Looks matter as much as the taste. If a dish won’t look appetizing and appealing, there is a lesser chance of people even tasting it. To make your food look attractive, you may add colours to your plate. Adding brightly coloured vegetables, edible flowers, sauces, tomatoes or even herbs can lift the look of a dull dish.  

Simplicity Is The Key 

Well, plating a dish doesn’t mean that you crowd the dish, but the key is to keep it simple and classy. It depends on the food you are serving. Sometimes making a huge platter of food works while sometimes it is the sophistication and simplicity that impresses the eaters. 

Stacking The Dishes 

We often put elements next to each other while plating a dish, but you know what? Placing them on top of each other works well. This technique adds dimension to the dish and makes the food look big. It enhances the look of the dish and makes it more appealing. 

Don’t Start From Corners But The Middle 

Always, the plating should be started from the middle. Whether we are putting a sauce or placing a condiment, we should do it in the middle. For example, it is advisable to put a puree or sauce in the middle to have it in the very bottom followed by vegetables and the garnish. This elevates the look of the dish and captures the entire plate. 

Tools To Level Up 

If you want to plate your dish like professional chefs, you may use some tools. For example, one can use the back of the spoon to spread a sauce or a puree or use a pair of tweezers to garnish the dish with herbs. These simple tools make a lot of difference and level up your dish. 


Give these tips a try and let us know if they worked for you!