6 Smart Kitchen Hacks For Basic Cooking
Image Credit: Smart Kitchen Hacks

Cooking takes up a lot of time, especially when you are late for work or classes. It may also seem a long process when trying to enjoy the weekend. But now, to solve your problem, we have brought you some kitchen tricks that can save food items from spoilage and get you tasty recipes.   

  • How to keep paneer fresh? To keep the paneer fresh for a long time, wrap it in a plastic bag or aluminium foil and set it in the bottom part of the refrigerator. At the same time, to prevent the paneer from breaking, apply olive oil and mustard oil on its edges. If the paneer kept in the fridge has become tight, add a pinch of salt to it and keep it in lukewarm water for ten minutes. 
  • How to make crispy and tasty pakodas? To make crispy and delicious pakodas, add a pinch of arrowroot or hot oil to the batter. This will make the pakoras crunchier. Also, while serving the pakodas, sprinkle chaat masala on them to make them tastier. 
  • How to make perfect noodles? To make perfect noodles, boil them generously with salt and oil. Later you can add them to cold water immediately. This will make the noodles non-sticky and tastier. 
  • How to make tasty aloo parathas? To make delicious aloo parathas, instead of mashing the potatoes, grate them. Also, always roast the parathas with butter instead of ghee.
  • How to make perfect idlis? For perfect idli, add two pieces of bread and one tablespoon of sugar in a cup of coconut water and blend it in its batter.
  • How to make perfect sooji Ka halwa? If you make semolina pudding, add half a tablespoon of gram flour to enhance its taste.

Takeaway Tips

  • Do not add salt to the water while boiling urad dal and rajma. Instead, when the lentils boil, add salt to them; this will make the dal tastier. 
  • To make crispy poori, add one tablespoon of semolina or rice flour to it. This will puff up the puris and make them crisp. 
  • Whenever you make mutton, add mashed raw papaya to soften it well. As a result, Mutton will become tastier and smoother. 
  • Instead of roasting asafoetida and cumin seeds in the raita, add the tempering to make it palatable. 
  • While frying onions, add some sugar to them; by doing this, the onions will brown quickly.