Want To Make Ghee Even More Beneficial? Try It With These Items

Everybody knows how beneficial and wonderful ghee is for the human body. Present on the shelf of every Indian kitchen, ghee has been used for ages and its medical properties have been propagated by Ayurveda for like centuries. Though a must-used ingredient on chapatis, ghee is also consumed with khichdi, dal, and even plain white rice. No matter what we are having, ghee makes the food tasty and healthy. You cannot disagree on this!! 

Not only in cooking, but ghee is used for other purposes as well. It helps for moisturizing skin and cures minor burns. It is also used for scalp massage as it promotes good hair health. Ghee is packed with anti-inflammatory properties, has heart-healthy fats, and antioxidants. But do you know that there are certain things, which when consumed with ghee, can make this multipurpose item even more beneficial? Let us tell you what are those things. Have a look!! 


When we talk about health, it is quite impossible to not mention tulsi. This herb has ample health benefits and is a prominent thing used in Ayurveda medical system. Tulsi has vitamins C, A, and K and contains iron, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, and magnesium. It does wonders when it comes to normalizing blood glucose, lipid levels, and blood pressure. Anxiolytic present in tulsi also helps in relieving mental stress. At the time of boiling butter, if one adds a few tulsi leaves, it makes the ghee healthier as well as fragrant. 


Another ingredient that could be found in every Indian kitchen is turmeric. This ingredient has ample health benefits and is also used extensively in cooking as well. Some studies suggest that curcumin is a natural phytochemical present in turmeric that has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Moreover, it also promotes good heart health. It is advisable to add a pinch of turmeric and black pepper to a cup of ghee for better results. 


Just like you love garlic butter and garlic chili oil, you can also shower some love on garlic ghee as it is also a great combination. Not only does it taste good, but boosts the anti-inflammatory properties of ghee. It also contributes to clearing skin and reducing blood pressure. What you have to do is chop some garlic and add them to ghee in a pan. Stir for some time and cover the pan. Once done, you can strain it into an airtight container and enjoy. Must try!! 


Cinnamon is known for its versatility as it can go well with literally anything. Talking about its benefits, ghee is a powerful spice that not only has anti-inflammatory properties but also reduces insulin resistance. Besides, it also has antibacterial properties. One can either add cinnamon to boiling butter and strain or can add cinnamon into ghee and cook. 


Camphor is obtained from the bark and wood of the camphor tree and is great for digestion. It helps in reducing congestion and does wonders for arthritic patients. One can add edible camphor to ghee and heat it as it boosts the benefits of ghee. You can store it in an air-tight container.  

Try having your ghee with these items and see the magic in your body. Let us know what worked best for you!