Want To Have The Perfect Biryani? Try These Tips

Does your heart also skip a beat, your hair starts flying in the wind, and a romantic Bollywood song starts playing in the background when you see Biryani?  If yes, you are the greatest biryani lover! Biryani is not just food but an emotion for millions of people. And why not! Biryani is a dish so pure and is a very much-loved delicacy.  

Mughals have said to introduce Biryani in North India and this notable dish has its roots in Old Delhi, Hyderabad, and Lucknow. Some of the most popular versions of Biryani are Hyderabadi Biryani, Mughlai Biryani, Lucknowi Biryani, Kashmiri Biryani, Ambur Biryani, and Calcutta Biryani to name a few. Those who love biryani know that making perfect biryani is not everybody’s cup of tea. It takes a lot of hard work and the right technique. There could be ample room for creativity when it comes to making Biryani but here are some tips that you can use and ace the art of making the perfect biryani. 

Using Good Quality Ingredients 

The type of ingredients you use in biryani can make a lot of difference. It is essential to use the best quality of rice and the one most preferred is basmati rice. The grains of basmati rice are longer and become fluffy on cooking. Besides, they smell great. Good quality of rice doesn’t get stick together and that is what we want. 

Cooking Rice And Meat Separately 

For the perfect biryani, it is advisable to cook the rice and meat separately. And, the rice should never be overcooked. Marinating the meat at least 4 to 5 hours in advance works the best and gives the perfect biryani you want. 

Fried Onions Are The Key 

One should cut onions into slices and let them turn brown in some oil on a medium flame. The onions should not be extra crispy but cooked into the right amount. Those who are biryani fans know that fried onions will not only add authentic flavour but a pleasing colour to the biryani. 

                                                  Image credits: Youtube

Don’t Overdo Moisture 

At the time of layering meat or vegetables over rice, it is essential to add extra moisture and for this, we can use ghee, butter, meat stock, milk, kewda, etc. But it is important to take care of the quantity to bring out the best taste.  

Paying Attention To The Right Cooking Time 

Overcooked biryani neither looks appealing nor tastes good. So, it is essential to semi-cook the rice and pay attention to the cooking time. One can always soak the rice before boiling them and the best way to check whether the rice is cooked or not, one can try meshing a rice grain with a thumb.  

Using Spiced Rice For Cooking Rice 

Cooking rice using spiced water can help you a lot. One can boil the rice with whole spices, salt, and herbs in a pot with plenty of water. When you mix all the spices into boiling water and stir well, you will see a colour change. Make sure you cook the rice until the rice is 70% cooked. You will see the results yourself.

The last and not the least tip is to serve the biryani beautifully and at the right temperature. Food presentation is just as important as the recipe itself as what temps to the eye, making everyone want to taste it.