Want Strong Leg Muscles Like Athletes? 6 Nutritious Foods To Eat

The fast-paced speed of work and life today requires great physical and mental stamina. If you are engaged in a career that requires you to move around a lot, it is essential to fortify your muscle strength for lasting energy and an enduring professional stint. A solid diet plan rich in protein and minerals is particularly important to fortify leg muscles and strengthen them for long hours of legwork.

Along with eating at proper intervals and following a diet plan, there are some foods which can be incorporated into every day meals to make leg muscles stronger and healthier. Read on to know more about nutritious, protein-rich foods that ought to be consumed to strengthen joints and muscles:

Milk And Dry Fruit Powder

Calcium-rich foods are an excellent way to nourish joints and leg muscles. After a long day of work, you can go for a glass of milk mixed with dry fruit powder which is essentially a blend of crushed almonds, cashews, walnuts and dried dates or kharik. This power-packed drink is a complete meal rich in carbohydrate and protein and is full of essential fats and vitamins that are present in the dry fruit powder mix.


Proteins are an extremely integral part of our every day diet. Adequate amount of protein intake not only strengthens leg muscles and promotes recovery but also ensures the absorption of vitamins and minerals that are consumed through vegetables, fruits and milk. Protein-rich lentils and dals like tur, masoor and moong served with tadka also add a lot of flavour to a simple meal of dal-bhaat.


Rich in protein and fat, dancers must have eggs regularly for building muscle strength. Along with doing a workout for conditioning leg muscles, adding eggs to every day diet can help to fortify the femur. This strength will also enable you to gradually increase energy output and enhance productivity. Having eggs every morning can also help for healthy muscle building.

Leafy Vegetables

Green leafy vegetables are rich sources of fibre, iron, potassium, vitamins and anti-oxidants which boost overall health. They are an extremely essential component of one's diet for their nourishing properties that increase the body's resistance to infection and injury and help to boost recovery and rejuvenation.

Chicken/Mutton Broth

Broth or a clear stock made from chicken and mutton bones is a very rich source of protein, amino acids and phosphorous which helps to enhance healing and recovery of sore muscles. Warm chicken broth had after work will also relax leg muscles. Broth is known to enhance muscle strength which is especially important to have enjoy enduring career without the risk of injury.

Millet Rotis/Bhakris

While protein-rich foods are essential for the strengthening of leg muscles, it is carbohydrates that give the knees and ankles the required energy to last through long hours travel, movement and physical activity. You can opt for complex carbohydrates which are low on calories and high on energy and include rotis and bhakris made from millets like ragi, bajra and jowar in the daily diet.