Walking Around Old Dilli In Morning, Try These Three Iconic Breakfast
Image Credit: Nalli Nihari/ Ayandrali Dutta

Old Dilli or Purani Dilli as we know it is the cultural melting pot of food, art and cultural and if you are visiting there early morning, you can spot groups of people walking around the old city exploring the hidden by lanes. And while you do that you simply can’t miss the amazing breakfast that the place has to offer. Whether you are a vegetarian or non-vegetarian you will surely not be disappointed with the variety that’s there. 

Here’s three top breakfast that you can dig into while visiting Purani Dilli.

Paratha At Parathe Wali Gali

This place simply cannot be ignored when you thinking of grabbing a bite early morning in Old Dilli. This iconic street sees rows of paratha shops who are busy making almost more than 50 types of parathas. Few of the shops here have been here for more than a century and they see a long history while some are even now run by their sixth generation. This street is said have been designed by Jahanara Begum, the daughter of Shah Jahan. With a huge variety some of the unique ones that tops the list is pudina paratha, banana paratha, aloo paratha, nimbu parantha and the best part is that each plate sees a tamarind chutney, banana chutney, pumpkin subzi and another subzi of the day. Unlike the other parathas that we eat, here they are deep fried and an absolute guilt binge. In this 100+year old gali/lane the parathas  parathas are cooked right in front of you and the aroma is surely intoxicating. 

Some of the best places to have- Kannaiylal Durga Parshad Dixit Parawthe Wala, Babu Ram Parantha, Gaya Prasad Shiv Charan Paranthe Wale

Bedmi Poori

Who won’t love a hot pipping plate of Bedmi Puri and aloo subzi for breakfast on a Sunday morning? The very famous breakfast usually eaten in Old Delhi and in some few parts of Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan, Bedmi Puri or Bedai paired with Hing Aloo Sabzi is much of a delight. Known to have originated in in rural Uttar Pradesh the tangy chutney, pickle made of carrot and chillis just elevates the taste. This combination absolutely tastes heavenly. The calorie rich dish is a medley of several flavours. This vegetrain dish without onion and garlic is not only not only delicious but addictive.

Bedmi usually sees two versions– one in which the daal is soaked and grounded (called pithi) and then stuffed into the pooris, and one where the dal and flour are mixed together to make the dough along with other spices. The dough is then divided into small balls and rolled flat and the deep fried. This delicacy is a rich source of proteins due to the use of daal like moong or urad, carbohydrates (refined flour) and fats. As the puris are deep fried it’s preferred that it should be eaten in small amounts. So whether you are loitering on the streets of Old Delhi or roaming around in Agra, this one dish you can’t ignore to have. 

Some of the best places to have Bedmi Poori is Shiv Misthan Bhandar & Restaurant, Mahalaxmi Misthan Bhandar, Ram Parshad Makhan Lal

Nalli Nihari

Though Nalli Nihari happens to be a winter favorite but walking the by-lanes of Jama Masjid this is one dish that you can’t miss to hog on. Nihari basically happens to be a slow cooked dish either made with lamb or beef. The dish is cooked at slow heat for around 12 hours. Loaded with flavours, this ancient dish that is made in authentic way sees it’s roots in Mughal period. The richness of freshly grounded spices that makes the gravy absolutely flavorful goes best with some hot Khamiri Roti

Some of the best places to have is -Haji Shabrati Nihari Wale, Noora Nahari, Karim’s, Al Madina Mashhoor Nihari