Waking Up To Tired, Puffy Eyes? 5 Foods To Remedy The Dull Look

Waking up with tired, puffy eyes could be the result of excessive stress, lack of sleep, hangovers or fatigue. Many times, dehydration can cause puffy eyes. The cure often lies in proper intake of fluids and nourishing foods. While undereye serums, creams and masks can help to reduce the puffiness externally, eating hydrating foods will boost overall freshness and lower the tendency to develop puffy, tired-looking eyes

Working on improving the digestive system can also help to alleviate a constant fatigued and puffy look that robs the face of all vitality and freshness. There are some foods easily available in the kitchen that can be added to your diet to get rid of puffy eyes, repair cell damage and bring eyes back to life full of that vivacious sparkle. Read on to know more about foods that can repair puffy eyes:


Cucumbers are rich in water content and excellent foods for hydration. They can be added to salads or simply enjoyed on their own seasoned with a little pink salt. Placing cucumber slices on eyelids can quickly cool and hydrate them but eating the vegetable will definitely have a more lasting impact on overall health.


A good source of vitamin E, almonds contain antioxidants which repair cell damage and guard healthy tissues. Eating a few soaked almonds every morning can reduce degeneration of the eyes and promote excellent eye health. A paste made out of almonds and milk applied under the eyes can also help to restore a lively brightness in them.


Fruits rich in water like strawberries and oranges are excellent for revitalising puffy eyes. Strawberries also contain vitamin C which lowers the risk of cataracts and damage from excessive sun exposure. Having citrusy fruits can also fortify eye lenses and the retina, contributing to improving overall eye health.


Fibre is extremely essential for ensuring a clean and smooth digestive system. Constipation can sometimes lead to puffy eyes that look tired and lifeless. Adding some oats, barley or other fibre-rich foods to the diet can improve the body's digestive processes which in turn will lead to a reduced tendency to develop puffy eyes.


Caffeine in tea is known to lower the puffiness and swelling that develops around the eyes. Placing frozen tea bags on tired eyes can have a soothing effect that reduces fatigue. Having a warm cup of tea can also provide the body with antioxidants which flush harmful toxins out of the body, promoting freshness that translates into lively, bright eyes.