Wait, What? This Famous Bengaluru Bakery Didn't Recognise Virat Kohli?
Image Credit: Instagram @virat.kohli | This Famous Bengaluru Bakery Couldn’t Recognise Virat Kohli?

Cricketer Virat Kohli may be having a tough time delivering on field but his fans know that it is only a matter of time till he starts smashing the ball outside the boundary again. The good news is that his team Royal Challenger’s Bangalore is still very much in running to qualify for semis in this year’s IPL. Virat has been playing for RCB since the year 2008. He even led the team for a couple of years until he decided to step down from captaincy in 2021. But Kohli’s popularity in Bengaluru remained unscathed. Which is why, it was quite a surprise, a delightful one for Mr. Kohli himself, when a famous Bengaluru bakery calmly handed him his order without creating any hue and cry.  

In his latest interview to actor Danish Sait, that was published on RCB's official YouTube channel, the batsman revealed that once he decided to drive around the city, and visit one of Anushka’s favourite bakery.  

“Anushka has almost grown up in Bangalore, she has so many friends and so many memories...she loves Thom’s Bakery. Anushka talks about the puffs there... that’s her most favourite thing to eat in Bangalore, apart from the Dosas. So I walked into Thomas Bakery, told the security to sit the in the car. I had a mask on, a cap on. Because mask was mandatory, it was perfect opportunity for me to experience some normalcy. I walked into Thomas bakery and I promise you no one noticed me at all, it was such a liberating feeling”, he remarked.  

Further he recalled how people continued their business as usual, he ordered his puffs, got them packed and upon reaching the counter he realised that he had to use his credit card, and feared that his signature would give away his identity. He was apparently ready to dial his security to prevent from being mobbed. “That’s when I realised the fame of this bakery, he was so busy in his work, he did not care whose credit card it was”, Virat said appreciating the professionalism of the person seated in the counter.  

Located in Frazer Town of Bangalore, Thom’s bakery, is a rather modest bakery known best for their sponge cakes, sandwiches, hot dogs and burgers. The bakery also sells three kinds of puffs, egg, chicken and veg puffs. Puffs are basically just flaky baked goods made with sheets of maida stuffed with spicy potato, veggies or meat. They are folded and baked until soft. Puffs are also called patties in Delhi, and baked samosa in Indore.

If you are feeling particularly adventurous, you can also make puff pastry at home. Here’s a delightful recipe of vegetable puff that you can try. Bake until soft, you can also get creative with the fillings, add more veggies, tweak the masala if you want. When done, serve the puff pastry hit, with ketchup or any dip of your choice. Try it soon and let us know how you liked it.