Kerala Banned The Production Of This Condiment

Be it sandwich or salads, there are some people who just cannot do without mayonnaise. This creamy treat has become a key dip and goes well with almost every snack you have. One of the most important ingredients used in its making is eggs. But recently, the Kerala government banned the production of mayonnaise made with raw or unboiled eggs. But why so? 

This is because of the increased cases of food poisoning in the region. Keep all such hiked cases in mind and receiving ample complaints regarding the quality of food served in hotels and other eateries, the Kerala government issued an order and banned the production of mayonnaise made up of raw or unboiled eggs. The government also received deaths complaints and thus, were forced to take the stern step.  

But the ban has only been imposed to mayonnaise made up of raw or unboiled eggs but not the one made up of vegetable or one made up of pasteurized eggs. The government has issued some other guidelines in this regard too.  

As per a report published in etimes, the Food Safety Department conducted massive raids at hotels and eateries in the state and took strict actions against those found violating the basic guidelines laid. Do let us know what do you think about this new decision?