Wait! These Waters Can Flush The Extra Body Weight
Image Credit: Barley water, stockimagefactory

Extra weight on that weighing scale is a panic trigger for many of us. Maintaining an ideal weight is a combination of mindful eating, doing some physical activities, reducing stress levels, getting enough sleep and staying hydrated. Yes, you read the last bit right. Many dieticians worldwide highly recommend consuming more water and fluids to shed those extra pounds and stay hydrated during the process. And healthily reaching the targeted weight is a challenge. Thus, considering their advice, here are seven nourishing drinks that can give a healthy kick-off to your weight loss regime.

 Barley water

 In 2 litres of water, add two tablespoons of barley seeds. Allow the solution to boil to that point when the water turns pink in colour. Allow it to cool, drain the water and drink it 2- 3 times a day to start fighting those stubborn fats.

Aloe vera juice

Aloe vera works as a successful aid to detox our body and lose weight. Do not go by its taste, as it is a little bitter. Wash aloe vera, scrape the pulp and grind in a blender. Now strain the pulp to extract its juice. Have this juice regularly to achieve your weight loss goals.

Apple-cinnamon water

Apple cinnamon water, Image Source: Bigstock

 Go for it if even the thought of low-calorie foods and vigorous gym workouts terrifies you. Put one slice of apple in a jug, one small-sized cinnamon stick, 2 – 3 ice cubes and some water. Let it settle for 15 minutes. Drink this mixture once in the morning.

White pumpkin water

 White pumpkin is popular because of its zero fat and water-richness quality. This vegetable is an excellent combination of a tasty and healthy way to lose weight. Mix 150 gm of ash gourd (white pumpkin) and 1/4th piece of ginger, strain the liquid and drink it daily to do away with those extra kilos.

 Coffee-lemon water

Coffee with lemon juice, Image Source:123RF

Add some warm water and one spoonful of lemon juice to half a cup of coffee decoction. Consume it before you start your keep-fit routine. It upsurges our metabolic rate and also helps us to burn more calories.

Bottle gourd water

To begin with, peel the skin and discard them. Wash the bottle gourd and chop into pieces. Put them in a blender and extract the juice. Add a pinch of black pepper powder, pink salt and mint leaves to the liquid, stir well and drink. 

Wheatgrass water

A healthy and simple way to lose weight is to drink wheatgrass juice. In a mixer, add a handful of wheatgrasses, pour half a cup of water and blend. Squeeze half a lemon, add a pinch of salt and mix well. Drink it on an empty stomach and see the result in a few days.


Try to keep sipping these different healthy liquids. Ideally, starting the day with one drink instead of regular tea and coffee is better. If you have any health condition, consult a doctor and nutritionist before beginning this regime.