Drinking Papaya Water In The Morning May Change Your Life

Everybody has a morning ritual, some may like to start the day with chai and newspaper, while some hit the treadmill after a glass of water. And according to experts, it is a great thing to have a routine in place, provided it is actually a helpful one. Now, you may have heard about the miracle potion of lukewarm water, honey and lemon juice that people often consume in an empty stomach in the morning, but have you heard of papaya water? This infused water is slowly gaining fans across the globe thanks to content creator Armen Adamjan, who shared his recipe on a popular social media platform.  

In this recipe, you need to cut the raw papaya in half and peel its skin. Then, you scrape out the seeds and cut it into small chunks. Boil these chunks with water for about five minutes. Take it off and let it cool. Transfer it to a bottle and keep it in the fridge like regular water and drink it the next day. Easy-peasy right?  

Turns out cooking raw papaya has its own set of advantages. While it cannot be denied that papaya in itself contains a bundle of nutrients, antioxidants, and minerals, lycopene, a protective compound found in papaya and other fruits like watermelon and tomatoes, is thermo-stable. Exposing it to heat, helps release lycopene from cell walls, where it is trapped and makes it easier for our bodies to assimilate it. This strong phytonutrient helps prevent free radical damage of cells, and oxidative stress. It is also helpful in boosting heart health, and building overall immunity and health. Experts have also found it instrumental in preventing cancer.

Other than this, papaya is also rich in Vitamin C, which as we all know does wonders for boosting our immunity and collagen production, giving us the skin of our dreams. In papaya, you also find loads of beta-carotene that are good for the eyes. But most importantly, the bioactive enzyme, papain, found in papaya helps facilitate your digestive system by aiding your bowel movement. Good digestion is key to weight loss too. If the toxins are flushed out of your body easily, you are much closer to sustainable weight-loss than others. Besides, papaya water is a great low-cal beverage to start the day with, so why look elsewhere?