Wait, Don’t Throw Leftover Achar Masala, Make These Instead

We may all agree that the majority of us enjoy having achar. Pickles are the one item you can match with most cuisines, whether it be with your parathas or with basic dal chawal. Depending on the culture and state, pickles come in a wide variety, ranging from mild to extremely spicy. Some of us might just buy a bottle of pickles from the nearby grocery store, but many of our families have their own recipes for producing pickles that have been passed down through centuries. A bottle of pickles is always present in our households in one form or another. Although we enjoy eating this with the majority of our meals, when the pickle jar is nearly empty, we always struggle to finish the remaining masala. Even though that masala is delicious, your throat can get hurt if you eat it straight. We have the ideal usage for the achar masala that is still in your jar! 

Achari Mathri 

India is known for this snack, which you can eat at any time of the day with your morning tea or as an evening snack. Combine the leftover achar masala while making mathri dough and enjoy the perfect combination of crunchiness on the outside and the soft mathri with of flavours. this will leave a tanginess on your tongue.  

Achari Chicken 

Achari chicken, another popular meal, is simple to prepare at home. Your gravy will take on a fresh flavour after being stirred with a tablespoon of achar masala. 

Achari Puri 

Who among us doesn't enjoy eating puris? You can eat the fluffy, crunchy, and soft puris with just about anything. Puris have become a staple food in Indian households, best enjoyed with aloo ki sabzi or chole. The leftover achar masala should be included into the dough and combined while you knead it to prepare the achari puri. Fry and enjoy hot.  

Achari Paneer Tikka 

Everyone's favourite snack is paneer tikka, which is always popular at dinner parties and casual lunches with friends. Try preparing an achari paneer tikka the next time if you want to give your paneer tikka that restaurant-style flavour. 

Achari Pulao 

The ingredients for this dish—rice and pickle masala—can both be found in your refrigerator and are ready in only 15 minutes. Combine the leftover rice with the achar masala and cook it in a pan. It won't take long before a new meal of achari pulao is ready.