Wait, Are You Overeating During The Festivity?  Here's A Rule

In India, the festival season is in full swing, and not a day passes without sweets, savouries, and every kind of delectable food item you can think of! Anyone who sees all this food may find it challenging to refrain from indulging, especially if they are at home with loved ones or attending a party with friends. However, this could also cause you to binge eat, whether consciously or unconsciously. What should you do in these situations, especially if you have a medical condition already? It would be rude to avoid it, considering that it is festival season. Additionally, consuming everything on offer over time can be harmful. Do not fret! We provide some advice that you can use to prevent overeating. 

Avoid Eating Empty Stomach: Undoubtedly, as kids, our mothers would frequently give us this advice. Before you leave the house, make sure to eat something, even if it's only a healthy snack. By doing this, you can prevent yourself from being so hungry that you eat everything in sight. For those who suffer from medical illnesses like diabetes, this advice is especially crucial. 

Concentrate On Eating: We all enjoy having talks over dinner. In spite of all that discourse, you can find yourself overeating and not paying attention to what is happening. Once you've finished eating, be sure to wash your dishes and leave the room. This will help you resist the temptation to eat more when you should be finishing up. 

Eat Smartly: There are a number of options available in addition to the mouthwatering main dish that might satisfy your appetite without making you feel stuffed. Before beginning the main meal, you might want to think about possibilities like soups, salads, grilled or roasted veggies, etc. These will reduce your appetite and moderate your cravings, which will stop you from overeating. 

Eat In Portions: Do not attempt to do everything at once. Make sure to serve only lesser servings if you do decide to try out everything on the list. Take a smaller plate if at all possible to accommodate less food. 

Control Sweet Cravings: Yes, even those who say otherwise have a sweet craving! This is where the one-sweet rule applies when you are outside at a party. After this, store the sweets container and move to a different area of the room to escape temptation. 

When Done Say No: The master at a party is the word "No." If you are simply eating for social reasons, learn to say no. Make sure you always have a drink handy and to sometimes sip on it. 

Mindfulness: The best eating is mindful. Eating as slowly as you can will help you resist the urge to add additional food to your plate. Enjoy each bite, and chew it thoroughly. By the time you're done, you'll be satisfied and have no room for bingeing. 

Keep in mind that while we may overeat during the holiday season, it is frequently the root of indigestion, acid reflux, and other problems. This is especially true if you already have a health problem. To take part in the festivities in a healthier way, mindfulness is essential.