Visiting Thailand Don’t Miss These Thai Flavours
Image Credit: A Thai spread

With travel slowly opening up, it’s easier to travel to countries with less restrictions so that one can really enjoy their vacation. One such country is Thailand. The best part being the streets are never empty and there is no dearth of food. And when you are here, be it Bangkok and Chiang Mai or island-hopping from Phuket, you can’t really miss on the food. The Thai flavours in all those mouth-watering dishes like Thai hot pot, and spicy shrimp soup or the humble Thai curry cooked in Huge woks and pots are an absolute thrill for the taste buds. The best part being you can just hop in any of the all the innumerable Thai restaurants across the country and will not be disappointed at all. 

There are few of the Thai dishes that one should absolutely not miss while visiting here- 

Pak Boong (Morning Glory)

This healthy vegetarian dish that sees spinach fried in and seasoned with soybean paste, soy sauce, garlic, chillies make for a satisfying palette. With the goodness of the veggies intact, this salty-spicy-sour-and-crunchiness of Pak Boong is surely a delight. This stir fried dish is real easy to cook. 

Massaman Curry

Massaman curry is the unofficial national dish of Thailand and those visiting here can’t just leave without trying this dish. This thick consistency curry mostly made with chicken happens to be slightly sweet in taste. Interestingly this dish sees a Indian and Persian influence. Having originated in South Thailand near Malaysia border, this dish is much different from the other Thai dishes. The main flavours come from the spice mix and coconut cream and tamarind paste that’s fried in a pan. 

Pad Kra Prao

This Thai local dish with an extra dose of Thai basil and chicken mixture or minced pork is much comforting. Served with some jasmine rice this makes for a great lunch or dinner option. Other variations of this classic include beef, chicken, or seafood ingredients stir-fried with basil, cowpeas, and at times topped with a fried egg. This thai basil recipe happens to be one of the best Thai street food dish. 

Tom Kha Kai (Thai Chicken Coconut Soup)

This dish finds it’s similarity with tom yum goong. Kha means Galangal which makes this ingredient as one of the most important for this dish. The history of the dish can be found in South-East Asia. This so called Thailand's national dish sees spices such as galangal, shallots, lemongrass, and kaffir lime leaves, that gives this soup it’s base flavour and taste. Tender pieces of chicken dipped in coconut milk and some more veggies makes it much comforting. This mild body of the soup blends great with all the spices and sees a wonderful aroma. Loaded with freshness chillies are optional. 

Guay Tiew Reua (Noodle Soup)

Packed with seafood this noodle soup is one of the important part of main course in Thai cuisine. Mostly a local street eats, this was supposedly served from boats along the canals of Bangkok(Guay Tiew means noodles and Reua means Boat). Noodles are cooked in aromatic and flavourful meat broth be it chicken, pork, or beef. The  meat stock and little blood along with herbs provide ample minerals, and amino acids for the body. Topped with some dried chilli peppers, lime juice this is really wholesome. 

Pla Nueng Manow (Steamed Fish)

While in Thailand an not having tried Pla nueng manow is not doing justice to the cuisine. Neung means steam, Pla means fish. This steamed fish that’s tossed with flavours of garlic, cilantro, fish sauce, lime juice and more. A whole Asian seabass is soaked in lime soup and then served with some side of jasmine rice sees a very well balanced taste.